The Call To Action/Author Bio WordPress Plugin For Pro Bloggers

I have some awesome news for you guys. I’ve been working on this plugin for a while, and just now am able to finally announce the release of my first plugin!

I’ve looked across websites and tested out various WordPress plugins in the WordPress Plugin Directory, but was never able to find one that actually did what I wanted it to. So I decided to get to work on one myself.

My plugin sports several customizable features that I know you will love. I took in a massive amount of research and user feedback to make sure this plugin does what it needs to do.

Get it Here: Call To Action WordPress Plugin

With this plugin you can add a “call to action box” to the footer of your blog posts. It is designed to flow with the content of your blog and give readers a specific action to do after they have finished reading your post.

Update (10-4-10): Version 1.0.2 of this plugin can now be found in the WordPress Plugin Directory!

Update (11-16-10): Version 2.0 has been released. Get it here:


Any questions? Will you be using this plugin or let the professional bloggers have all the fun?

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  1. @RobboM 08/13/2010, 6:47 pm:

    Good value Taylor, I bought it. Your price point does not reflect the value ↑ it. Unless it is your list-building tool

  2. taylormarek 08/13/2010, 9:23 pm:

    Hey Robert,

    Thanks for the comment! It means alot. :)

    I just made this plugin because I found a solution that worked for me and wanted to share it with others who may be looking for the same answer. Semi-confused by your price point comment, would it hurt to ask for a little more explanation? I could just be looking at it wrong. :P

  3. Richard 09/23/2010, 11:29 am:

    Love the look of your plugin. I will try v1 first but would like to get my hands on v2 as well! Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Taylor Marek 09/23/2010, 12:31 pm:

    I believe I sent you an email regarding becoming an affiliate and version 2. Did you get it? Let me know. :)

    • Richard 09/24/2010, 10:44 pm:

      Yes I got it. Looks pretty good. I wish I can set up different call to action message for different categories. In addition, I hope I can control the font and color of the message as well as the background color, but maybe it’s overkill for call to action.

      • Taylor Marek 09/27/2010, 11:51 am:

        Ok, awesome. At this point you can create a different call to action message for each post, perhaps I'll integrate your idea in a future release. Font and color for the message will remain how it is, but you can easily change the background color. Let me know. :)

  5. sirchibbio 10/04/2010, 4:18 pm:

    I have been leaving this on the table recentlly with my motorcycle blog and have just put links to the place I want people to look. .
    I hope this really stimulates people into taking more action, will let you know how it goes after a couple of weeks.


  6. Taylor Marek 10/04/2010, 7:07 pm:

    Awesome. Let me know how it goes for ya. If you need any help, just let me know. What's your blog url so I could visit?

  7. Mark 10/05/2010, 4:18 pm:

    Taylor, Nice plugin! Fits a need very well. I'd love to see the font changed to Arial, Verdana or something a little easier on the eyes. Also, the ability to get this to work with pages instead of just posts would be awesome! Please consider it.

    • Taylor Marek 10/07/2010, 8:07 am:

      Thanks Mark! Several other people suggested that feature, which I just released in the 1.0.2 version that you can download from the WordPress Plugin Directory. The pages feature will be coming soon, so stay tuned. :)

      • Lane Campbell 02/16/2011, 4:40 pm:


        Is there an update on when this plugin will support pages? It would be fantastic to have full support for that part of WordPress.


        • Taylor Marek 02/19/2011, 7:38 am:

          Yes, as a matter of fact the premium plugin that you can find at has that support option ready to go. Let me know.

  8. john 11/08/2010, 9:18 am:

    Hi Taylor

    Thinking about purchasing your plugin, a few questions please.

    1/ Can you place the call to action at the top of the post. If not, will you be updating it, to be able to do that.

    2/ Would it be possible for you to update your plugin so that it can place a call to action between selected posts. You can see an example of this on the blog.

    I think being able to place a call to action between posts would make your plugin a killer product, and would make you many more sales.

    Hope to hear from you soon.



    • Taylor Marek 11/09/2010, 11:12 am:

      In a future release I plan on adding it to the top of the page as well. I can see your point for #2, however, think of it this way. Most of the people who visit your site via social media/search engines typically land on a particular blog post. What do they do after they have finished reading that post? Leave a comment? Subscribe? Learn more about you? I designed that box to appear at the end of the blog post specifically to attract the readers eye and give them a "call to action/something to do" after they finished reading.

      Let me know if that helps you. :)

      • john 11/09/2010, 4:57 pm:

        Hi Taylor

        Thats great you are thinking of being able to add it to the top of the page. Would also be good if you were able to place it within the page text and have the text flow around the box. Also, align the box right or left as I think they can do in the maxbanner ad plugin.

        Understand and agree with your answer regarding my question #2. However my wish would be to use the call to box in a similar manner to the way its used on michelfortin's blog. The reason for this is I am going to start a new site which will be targeted at my home town. I want to be able to place some call to action boxes as adverts between the blog posts as in michelfortin site. I would like to be able to select which posts are aligned with a call to action advert.

        For this particular site a lot of people will be coming direct to the index page first.

        Hope you can consider this if its not to complex.



        • Taylor Marek 11/10/2010, 6:14 am:

          Might get a little complex, but I will look into it and let you know what I come up with. Thanks for the suggestions! ;)

          • john 11/10/2010, 11:58 am:

            Thanks Taylor.

  9. John 11/25/2010, 7:14 pm:

    Hi Taylor

    I tried to buy your plugin via MarkR on the warrior forum on thursday evening but could not buy it due to no product being shown on clickbank shopping cart.

    Could you please let me know how I can purchase it and also get Marks bonuses sent as well.

    Its the $17 multisite version I wish to purchase.

    Hope you can help.



    • Taylor Marek 11/26/2010, 7:41 pm:

      Hello John,

      Thanks for letting me know. I've sent you an email with purchase information. You just made it under the wire. ;)

  10. reptile supplies 02/14/2011, 9:09 am:

    Looks like such a cool plugin!
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    • Taylor Marek 02/19/2011, 7:37 am:

      Thanks! Glad you like it. :)

  11. anonymous 04/10/2012, 12:53 pm:

    Too bad I can't find any information on how to use this plugin. fail.

    • Taylor Marek 04/12/2012, 8:28 pm:

      Too bad you are too lazy to click on any of the links or watch the videos posted on those links. Has all the information you need and more.

    • Orlando S. Gondar 11/26/2012, 9:04 am:

      You are way too lazy. How dare you call the author a fail when YOU are the one that is fail, all the information you can possibly EVER need is here concerning this plugin. Consider a freaking THANK YOU instead you sob.
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  12. Encouragement 05/18/2012, 12:55 pm:

    I just installed the your plugin on my site and don't see where I can modify the settings. I did go to my 'Settings' tab but do not see this plugin there.

    Any Suggestions

    • Encouragement 05/19/2012, 7:23 pm:

      Got my answer. I now see the 'edit settings'. Will need to work on how I want it to look before I activate it.

      Thanks, Taylor

  13. Kevin 02/08/2013, 1:24 pm:

    Cool plugin. I'm wondering though if it might be better to embed a video at the end of your blog post and simply tell them what to do instead.

  14. Ann Parker 03/28/2013, 10:31 am:

    Just downloaded your plugin. It looks really good. Let's see what happens now.

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