Define: TIOTG

This is my first attempt at defining an acronym of my own. I think I’ll get a kick out of this looking back on it.

TIOTG : An acronym meaning “Throw it on the ground”. Typically an internet slang/chat term used to show disgust at something.

Similar to TYOTG (throw you on the ground).

Background: An SNL skit “I Threw It On The Ground” was the inspiration for this term. @Depiran on Twitter gets the credit for using it the most. ;P

For example: “That pizza was so gross I TIOTG!!” “I’ll TYOTG!!”


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  1. eilonwy 03/03/2010, 2:13 pm:

    Taylor, I totally invented that acronym.

    • taylormarek 03/03/2010, 11:55 pm:

      Lol, quite possibly… At least it is out on the web now for everyone to see. :)

  2. David G 02/18/2014, 8:25 pm:

    Cool! a new internet acronym to throw down, get it? I'll have to try it out on my daughter. She's only 14 and thinks she knows it all. I hate to take her money but I could bet her some cold, hard, cash that she doesn't know this one and probably win.

    Hey! how about, "You're a KIA (Know It All). lol. Did I just make up an acronym??? KIA??? Oh wait. It's already being used. Isn't it a car company?

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