Employee or Entrepreneur?

Understand this. You are NOT destined to be both. You will either be an employee or an entrepreneur for the rest of your life. You cannot live in both worlds.

Do also understand this. Both Entrepreneurs and Employees are needed. Neither can function without the other or the whole system will collapse. It is a symbiotic relationship.

In a world where only employee’s exist, everybody would be working for everybody and nothing new would be invented. No risks would be taken. It would be a mediocre society. If only entrepreneurs existed, ideas would be flying out of the sewers but nothing would be getting done. Creativity would abound, but nobody would want to do the work. Risks would be taken yes, but there wouldn’t be anybody to keep the daily business functions moving forward. It would be a creatively mediocre society.(Entrepreneurs are an odd bunch aren’t they?…)

So which one are you? Which one lights your flame like no other? Where does your passion lie?

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Are You Climbing the Employee Ladder or the Entrepreneur Ladder?

This has been on my mind for a while now. Part of the reason I dislike America’s school system right now is because they just teach you to be an employee, not an entrepreneur. Once you graduate, you hop into college, still learning nothing about the “street smarts” of how business is run. You just see everything out on paper and do experiments and draw conclusions. Once they finally graduate out of the system (hopefully not going on to a masters degree), they run smack into the real world of how things are done. Stuck and with nothing to fall back on, they seek out the “street smart entrepreneurs” to help them out. They give them advice and then set them on the right track.

(That is part of the reason why I like when Donald Trump created a “Street Smart” and “Book Smart” team on The Apprentice. The street smart team basically mopped the floor with the book smarts. It wasn’t until a street smart member when to the book smart team did they finally start winning some challenges.)

What many schools and colleges fail to do is give you the “street smart” way of running a business. And I mean the down and dirty, nuts to bolts way of how things are done, not just words written in a book. And no, an MBA will not get you there either. Becoming an Entrepreneur is not a degree program, it is a process. You don’t learn it from books, you learn it in the real world.

Listen close, because what I am about to tell you may shatter some opinions you carry. Many degree programs just teach you how to be a good employee so that you can get a job higher up in the corporate ladder and look good for the board of directors. You look good on paper, you have all the book smarts, but when it comes to actually running your own company and “being an entrepreneur”, you have no experience. Once you graduate, the college expects you to find a good, solid, long-term job with a reputable company. That is what they have groomed you for, to make your employer look good. Don’t believe me? Take a look at some colleges for yourself and you will soon see what I mean, and you won’t have to dig that deep.

If you are an entrepreneur deep in your core, YOU NEED TO STOP. Going this route will not satisfy you. If anything, you will waste a handful of years trying to figure it all out before you finally find the right path to take. Some of the biggest CEO’s today, and good friends I know, have dropped out of college to work on their entrepreneurship. It has paid out in millions and billions of dollars, but not without taking some risks and putting alot of sweat equity into it.

I get it. Some of you are designed to be employees and happy in that area for the rest of your life, but some of you are not. There are two groups here fighting for space where there should be no fighting. That in an of itself is enough for another blog post.

What can you take away from this?

You can answer this question for yourself,

Are you climbing the employee ladder or the entrepreneur ladder?

Your answer will determine where you stand in life, where you need to be, and what you need to do next.

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What Is Your Glitch?

Everyone has one. It is what defines us from each other. Some call it gifts, some call it talents, others call it passion, but I call it a glitch.

Why a glitch? Well, partly because I am a geek and I like tech terms. ;P

The other reason is because of the information/technology age. Think about it this way. Computers and electronics are made and sold on a daily basis. Some of them turn out to be lemons and some of them never seem to have any problems. The typical computer, however, usually has some glitch that no one can explain and no one else seems to get. I once had a computer that gave me at least ten blue screens a day if I was lucky. I never really found out what the problem was until it completely crashed and I had to take it in for repairs. I still don’t entirely know, but I have a feeling it had something to do with the video card, motherboard, and the power supply.

I have a completely new computer now (and its a beast of a machine), but I’ve run into quite a new problem. About six months ago Vista Aero decided to disable itself. I also have games that freeze at random times and it seems I don’t quite get all the power out of the video card I have. The problem with my new computer is the video card, that is its glitch. I guess in a way this “glitch” separates this computer I am currently typing this post on from the rest of them.

I don’t mean this in a negative way at all, but the same idea applies to people. Each and every one of us has a glitch of some kind. Something that sets us apart. Something that marks who we are. Something that The Designer put into us that He could work through.

What is your glitch? What sets you apart from the rest of us? Embrace it. Don’t let anyone try to “fix it” or tell you otherwise.

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How Do YOU Define A Successful Social Media Campaign?

This is the first time I’m taking an official poll on this site because I want to hear your input. After you provide your input, I’ll give you my side of it.

Think of it as an Oreo. Your opinion is half of the Oreo, mine is the other half. Together there is a cohesive whole and everyone benefits.

So, How do you define a successful Social Media campaign?

How I Learned Everything I Needed To Know About Sales From A Vending Machine

A boy, not much older than 14 was walking down the street one afternoon. School was over, and his mind was formulating ideas on how to make money for his next big goal; his very own Nintendo Wii. He decided to sell lemonade that day, so on his way home he stopped by a grocery store and picked up some supplies. On his way out, however, he stopped in front of a couple vending machine, dug a few coins out of his pocket, and grabbed a soda and a gumball. He popped the gumball in his mouth and continued on home. Just before he walked in the front door, an idea hit him. It was so mind-blowing he almost swallowed his gum!

“Why do I always have to sit out on a busy street corner for several hours trying to sell lemonade and get sunburned in the process? I love running businesses, but sometimes a kid wants to play with his friends and not work all the time.” He thought to himself. “I don’t want to do this for the rest of my life, there has to be an easier process. Hey, what about hiring somebody to do it for me? Nah, I don’t think they would appreciate that, especially if it was one of my friends… I got it! What if there was a machine that did it for me? Kind of like a vending machine of sorts? I THINK I FOUND THE ANSWER!!”

He spent the next 27 minutes drawing up an idea for a lemonade vending machine. Basically, he would make the lemonade and put it into containers that the vending machine could hold. He would then setup the vending machine at a busy street corner and let it do the work from there. It would work just like a normal vending machine: deposit money and get the lemonade. But he needed money and a vehicle to transport the machine. He went to ask his mother about it.

“Mom, I am going to make a lemonade vending machine but I need money and a vehicle to transport the machine to and from street corners. Can you help me out with this?” He asked. “Sure can.” replied Mom. “But I think I know of something even better to help you out with this.”

She went on to explain that while the lemonade vending machine idea was a good one, there was somebody else who already went through all the hassles and had done all the work. She also mentioned something about it being illegal to setup vending machines on street corners. She directed him to a couple websites where he found information on how to setup his own vending machine business. There were articles on how and where to buy vending machines, where to find suppliers and how to approach them, and how to choose the most profitable locations to setup the vending machine. Everything he needed was right in front of him, he just needed to read up on it and take action.

30 days later he had read all the information he needed to start up his vending machine business. He was able to track down some candy vending machines, a supplier, and a desirable location inside a small grocery store nearby. He had purchased the vending machines and supplies with the money he had in his savings account, and had signed a contract with the store allowing him to place the vending machines at the entrances. The day had come for him to place the vending machines inside the store, and boy was he excited! He enthusiastically setup the vending machine in its spot, filled it with some of his supplies, and talked to the owner of the store to finalize a couple minor details. Not long after, the money started to pour in. Not much at first, but it soon started to catch on and more money started to pour in. All he had to do was set it up once, and it would run by itself for the rest of its life. He now had time to play with friends and not worry about making money because the machine made the money for him!

What 4 Lessons can we take away from this?

1. Create the product once and let it sell itself

There is nothing worse than having a product but having to spend hours promoting it to make a sale. With everything you have setup and created, the product should be able to sell itself right?

2. Put your product where the people who need it can find it

Don’t stuff it away in the back closet. Don’t try and sell it to the people who don’t need it. You’ve done your research. You know who needs it and where they go to find it. Put it right in front of them.

3. Be as transparent in your sales as possible

In the example of the vending machine, you don’t have the product hidden behind a tinted window. You have it in a clear glass container where they can see it and visualize consuming it. If you have people commenting on how clear the “glass” is, you are focusing a bit too much on the sales.

4. Make sure the product is fresh

No one likes eating “old candy”, drinking “stale soda”, or looking at gunk on the vending machine. Make sure the product is fresh and the “vending machine” is always clean.

Am I missing anything you’d like to contribute? Comments are open. Add yours.

(PS: I know the picture used is a girl and the story is about a boy. Click on the picture though and read the little story on the caption and I think you’ll start to see it matches quite well. Pretty impressive eh?)

How TV Shows can make it big Online

Just thought I would send out a quick post as I had this on my mind.

I was driving in my car running some errands when a radio ad came on. It was talking about Netflix and how they now offer the option to not only watch your favorite movies online or via mail, but that you can now watch your favorite tv shows as well. This set my mind to thinking. How can tv shows make money in the online world, the ‘new media’ realm where you control what you want to watch, where you want to watch it, when you want to watch it, and how? From many of my excursions into the television industry, I know that most of the money tv shows earn come from the ads that play during each episode. There is also the option to “place products” into the episode slyly enough for you to not notice the subliminal ad. This strategy works well in movies also.

Anyways, the thought occurred to me that the easiest way tv shows can make a living online is to partner up with companies such as Netflix and Blockbuster to syndicate episodes where the public wants them. There is also throwing it up on iTunes, Hulu, and Zune Marketplace that can bring in some easy revenue. Problem solved, cue the applause and cheers from an audience that has been waiting for this moment.

If you are a tv show producer or are thinking of becoming one, factor this into your equation. The tips pay out better here, trust me.

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