#106: Jordan Cooper of Not A Pro Blog Rants on Blogging, Social Media, and Marketing

Today I interviewed Jordan Cooper of NotAProBlog.com. Listen in as we chat and rant about Blogging, Social Media, and Marketing.

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Building a Personal Brand vs. an Iconic Brand

You are in the midst of setting up your brand, do you setup an iconic brand or a personal brand? Do you want people to remember you for something you …

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Multi-Level Marketing Not Multi-Level Advertising

Anyone noticing the shift here?… It used to be completely different. Business in the 1900’s was all about how many levels we could advertise our product/service on. The internet has …

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The Apple iPad. Greatest thing since iSlicedBread?

It is a week after all the hubbub around the Apple press conference. Things have now cooled down a tad. Now its time for me to interject my thoughts… Here …

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How Geese are like Market Leaders

Did you ever think about this application to the Business World? Geese fly in the classic v-shape formation, each leading one at a time, giving the leader time to rest …

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Define: TIOTG

This is my first attempt at defining an acronym of my own. I think I’ll get a kick out of this looking back on it. TIOTG : An acronym meaning …

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My 2010 Resolutions

Ok, before all of you start throwing bananas at me, let me say one thing… I originally didn’t want to make any New Year Resolutions! That changed though. You are …

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