#16 Sponsored by E-Web Computers: The Importance of Giving, The Best Tax Deduction, and Teach others Technology

This episode has been sponsored by E-Web Computers LLC. Visit E-Web Computers at http://www.e-webcomputers.com for all your website design and hosting needs. In Episode #16 I talk about the Importance …

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Smile Challenge DUE

This post has moved to the Premium Archives. You can now view it here: http://taylormarek.com/premium/smile-challenge-due

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#15 Sponsored by E-Web Computers: Liabilities, The only way I could get myself organized, and Intel Quad-Core Chips

This episode has been sponsored by E-Web Computers. Check out E-Web Computers for all your website development and hosting needs by going to http://www.e-webcomputers.com In this episode I talk about …

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#14: Money doesn’t make the man, How I defeated my biggest enemy, and MacBook Pro

In this episode I start Finances with money doesn’t make the man. In business I talk about how I defeated my biggest enemy, from the book, “How I raised myself …

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#13: Cassandra Poem, This idea put me back into selling, and Business Week’s (Not Newsweek) Top Blogging Tools of 2006

In episode 13, I talked about the Cassandra poem by Edwin Arlington Robinson and how it applies to America today. In Business, I talked about an idea that put me …

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#12: How to get the Best Buy part 2, I became welcomed everywhere I did This, and PlayStation 3

In this episode: Back from a great weekend at the International Podcasting Expo, I finished up the last 8 tips on how to get the best buy, the poem will …

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#11: How to get the best buy part 1, An idea I learned from Lincoln, and Apples response to Zune

Back from vacation, episode #11 focuses on 7 of 15 ways to get the best buy, an idea learned from Lincoln on how to make friends, and what the CEO …

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