#8: Budgeting your money, Business Communication, and Website Navigation

In this episode I talk about how to budget your money and stay within your budget. Business wraps up the final part of the B-I Triangle (graphic coming), Communication. And Technology dwells on proper ways to display your navigation panel.

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#7: Ways to get Rich, Business Product, and Top Web Design Mistakes

In this episode I talked about 4 common ways people try to become rich and why only one works. I also talked about the Product plank in the B-I Triangle for business. For all you website savvy people, I have listed the top three mistakes that websites make below. If you have any questions, comments, or topic ideas, our toll-free number is 1-866-TMP-2860.

Top Web Design Mistakes (all three are talked about in detail on the podcast)
1. Template based web pages
2. Splash Pages
3. Flash Intros

#6: More Financial Myths, Business Cashflow, and Cleaning your Laptop

In this episode I talked about some more Financial myths. One was “Debt is bad” and the other was “I have to fix the toilet in the middle of the night for my rental property.” In Business I talked about the bottom plank of the B-I Triangle, the Cashflow plank, and how cashflow is your businesses life blood. In Technology I talked about how to clean your laptop the correct way.

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Today is the Fifth Anniversary of the Twin Towers.
9/11 We will never forget.
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#5: Financial Myths, Business Leadership, and Tablet PC’s

In this episode I talked about some common myths in Finances. One was “The rich are greedy” and the other was “money is evil”. In Business I talked about Leadership in the B-I Triangle and recommended some books. Lastly, Technology had its share of choosing the right tablet PC and saving laptop power.