IE8 Coming to a PC near you

For those who like to know what is happening in the tech world, here is your little tidbit of news…

Most of us remember the days of Internet Explorer 6 (IE6). Some of us might still be using it. Some of us brave types moved to IE7 because of the “gadgets” Microsoft had added to it. Now IE8 is on the doorstep and will be walking in very soon. Why should I get IE8? Will it be better then IE7 or worse? Legitimate questions, I’ll be happy to answer.

Why should I get IE8? If you like “new stuff” and always being the first to get it, then join the waiting crowd. If you are skeptical about IE8, feel free to wait until the kinks are worked out and the majority starts climbing on.

Will it be better then IE7 or worse? The updates being made for IE8 are as follows: private browsing, improved security, and a new type of add-ons, called accelerators. Personal opinion in whether you want these features in your brower is up to you.  If you are worried about security, an update to IE8 might be very helpful and put your mind at ease.  If you like addons, IE8 has a new addon that you might find very handy.

Want my opinion? I may or may not update to IE8. I use Firefox all the time, so IE doesn’t play much on my computer. I occasionally use IE, Chrome, and Safari if I am testing a website and need to see the look from different browsers, but for the most part I don’t use it that much. The new addon Microsoft plans on adding to IE8 looks very interesting, and I might just update to play with it.

Here is an article for you to read about IE8’s upcoming final release:

What are your thoughts? Comments are open.

On the Podango “End of Service”

I got an e-mail the last week of 2007 and it went something like this,

Sun, Dec 28, 2008

Dear Podango Customers (Podcasters and Station Directors),

We at Podango believe that you, our customers, are our most valuable
asset. Given this belief, we have always done our best to be honest
and forthright in our dealings with you. The current uncertainties of
the financial market has affected many of us in this nation. As of
this morning, Podango is no longer immune to it’s effects. Our ability
to continue operations past the end of this year (2008) is in
question. We do not want any of you, or any of your shows to be
negatively affected by this uncertainty and so we are encouraging you
to begin taking all necessary steps to secure your data or begin
moving to another hosting provider.  On Monday we will have a more
definitive direction. As of today, the last day to move or secure your
data is December 31st, 2008. RSS feeds will need to be redirected by this
date as well. It is our hope that the events of the next few days will
allow us to continue providing you a service based upon a subscription
fee. Again, we will know more on Monday and you will be notified of
any changes to the above plan as soon as we are made aware of them.

Again I personally apologize for this notice of caution. We truly
appreciate your business.


Douglas G. Smith
President – Podango

And just like that, another AWESOME service ends. Doug and company, good luck in your future ventures, you will be missed. You had an awesome service unlike any other. Let me be the first to say I would be more than glad to pay for your service if I had to. You cut my podcast production in half, plus the automation you had built into it outdid ANY other companies product. If you could somehow find a way to make “Show Builder Lite” into an individual product and have it run on the podcasters server, rather then have a big huge server for all the files, I would jump right on it. Hear me on this, I would PAY for your service, it is that awesome! 🙂
Posts from a couple well known bloggers/podcasters:

This is the second post I have had to write regarding a service I use closing down, the first one being Radio Tail Ripple. Thoughts? Any parting wishes you want to make if you used Podango? Comments are open.

My First Laptop

While we are on the subject of laptops, I might as well let you know about the first laptop I got. I purchased my first latop in Nov of 2007. I had it for several months, and it worked like a charm. I had to return it, but here is what I got out of it while I had it.

I had the Dell Inspiron 1720.  It was, in my opinion, the best laptop for the price and features. I was completely blown away by what I got. You are able to choose the color on your laptop, and I picked the midnight blue. When it first came, I unpacked it and started it up. It ran Windows Vista Home Edition. It started up very fast and I was able to start working on it very shortly with full internet connection from the wireless installed in it.

After a couple days, I installed several games on it, World of Warcraft and Star Wars Battlefront 2. Both games performed very well. I never had any errors, no lag time, no jumping graphics. Everything ran so smoothly I thought I had a 512MB video card in it, but that was only working off the integrated graphics card. I was very impressed by the integrated graphics card. It ran on 2GB memory with a 120GB hard drive.

The only thing I regret not adding to it was the integrated webcam. It would have worked perfectly with making several videos and my channel.

You would think I paid a pretty penny for this, but surprisingly I didn’t. I only payed roughly $950 for everything, including a wireless mouse in the same color as my laptop. If ever I were to get another laptop, this would be the one, unless I was swayed to another laptop. This laptop was a dream laptop, worked like a charm in every way for me, and blew me away every chance it got. I can’t say a bad thing about this laptop, literally.

Care to read the review CNET gave on it?

How to pick a laptop

These days laptops are becoming more and more popular, and it is becoming an increasingly complex task to find a laptop that suits your needs.  If you’re on the hunt for a new notebook, the best thing you can do is identify what you need from a laptop and pick one that gives you just what you want, ensuring you don’t miss anything important or pay for features you don’t need.  Unfortunately, it can be tough for novice users to know exactly what they need from their laptop if they don’t even know what’s out there.  By following just these two simple steps, you’ll be able to narrow the whole arduous process into something manageable whether you’re a laptop expert or not.

First, understand the categories.  Laptops are broken down into several categories.  Netbooks or mini-notebooks are inexpensive, lightweight, and portable but they are primarily designed only for light uses like basic e-mail, basic internet, and typing.  Ultraportables, or thin & lights, are larger than netbooks but in most cases just as light and more powerful.  You can use these notebooks for most tasks, but they can become expensive depending on the features you want in them.  Standard laptops can handle average tasks but usually aren’t good for high end uses that a gaming latop provides.  They tend to be medium sized and are generally cheaper than everything but a netbook.  Gaming Laptops are both feature packed and expensive, but they make up for these deficiencies by offering the largest screens and best overall power.

Second, think of your primary task.  When most people are asked what they need out of a laptop, they respond with some variant of “I just need it to work”.  But your life will be much easier if you just decide what one thing you’re buying the laptop for more than anything else.  Are you buying one because you’ve always wanted to blog from a coffeeshop?  Then make sure you get something portable, either a netbook or an ultraportable, and be willing to shell out for style points so you can show off.  Are you looking for something just to go online and check your mail?  Then make sure you get something inexpensive, either a netbook if you can handle the small screen or a standard if you can’t.  Or did you want to play new games and watch HD videos?  That’s more in line with a gaming laptop.  As you can see, understanding the categories is like understanding what primary task each genre of laptop is designed for.  Simply match up your own with the category, and you’ve already narrowed your search down tremendously.

As for the details, feel free to experiment.  Most vendor websites, from Toshiba laptops to Dell laptops to Lenovo laptops and others, are informative and offer great customizability.  Each vendor will have a series of similarly labeled laptops devoted to a single category, and since you already know yours you’ll know which to pick.  Then by going through the process of choosing amongst all the available features a few times, you’ll gain an understanding of what choices you can make and what they’re worth.  When all is said and done, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision and know you’re getting your money’s worth.

Here are a couple places you can visit to help you in the quest for that “perfect laptop”:

Comments are open, and if you have questions, feel free to ask them. I will be more than happy to help you.

Updates + Holidays = Crashed Website

Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas and New Years!

I’m finally back on track writing. What I thought would be a simple update from wordpress 2.5 to 2.7 on my site turned into a couple weeks of error messages. Not to mention Christmas came and went in the mix.  I wanted to write during that time, especially during the Christmas and New Years season, but the errors on my site prevented me from doing that. I basically crashed my site, had to figure out what was wrong, find where in the “code” it was incorrect, then fix it. But couple that with it crashing again, and calling tech support numerous times to find the problem and that is where you get the couple weeks from. It is fixed now, and wordpress 2.7 is running beautifully now. I am impressed with what the guys at wordpress have done with this version and very impressed.

Just thought I would write this post to let you know that you can start expecting your regular posts from me. See you tomorrow (or later in the day if I decide to write another post :P)!