04 Mar


The television landscape is drastically changing as new digital distribution platforms emerge that enable truly personalized television. ZillionTV is one of those platforms. ZillionTV is a new company joining the digital tv age,
03 Mar

Twitter Updates for 2009-03-03

Taylor is still hobbling around from last nights FUN! http://ff.im/1ki5D # HAHAHHA, now that’s good @chrispirillo! http://bit.ly/6hB8O # RT @nealcampbell: Our president wants your money. Polls say 70% of you are happy about that. Weird. # hence why
03 Mar

Today is Square Root Day

Huh? What’s this you say? If you’re a math geek, you already know this. But if you don’t, let me introduce you to a holiday that occurs only nine times in a century. Tuesday is Square Root Day, a rare
02 Mar

Twitter Updates for 2009-03-02

Taylor is having a blast! literally! http://ff.im/1iYIv # Taylor is at lazertag waiting for the fun to begin!! http://ff.im/1iR4C # Now off to LAZERTAG! I’ll be back later 🙂 # @ThePodgineer yup, I’m working out the bugs 🙂 in