How To Get More YouTube Views

If you’ve been wondering about my podcast, I’ve put it on hold. I haven’t had alot of time to focus on that as I am teaching English to about 600 kids a week here in Taiwan, but I have started posting regularly on my YouTube Channel . I’m having alot of fun with that. Not because of the views, but because I like sharing with people and watching or hearing them laugh. 😉

If you’re wondering how to get more views on YouTube, watch these two videos. They are made by two very good friends of mine who have been on YouTube for a long time. Enjoy.

How to Get Views on YouTube – Kevin “Nalts” Nalty

How to get MORE VIEWS on YouTube videos.. REALLY! – Cory “Mr. Safety” Williams

Did these videos help you?

5 WordPress Plugins I Could Not Live Without

After having this blog for 4+ years now, I’ve gone through over 150 different plugins searching for just the right ones. Here are 5 I could not live without (my commentary in italics)…

1. Blubrry PowerPress Podcasting plugin

Blubrry PowerPress brings the essential features for podcasting to WordPress including full iTunes support, web audio/video media players and more. I’ve been with Blubrry for years, and they do quality work. If you are a podcaster, you had better have this plugin.

2. Akismet

Akismet checks your comments against the Akismet web service to see if they look like spam or not. So far, Akismet is responsible for catching 12k spam comments on my blog.

3. IntenseDebate Comments

IntenseDebate comments enhance and encourage conversation on your blog. Build your reader community, increase your comments, & boost pageviews. I run many WP websites and run both ID and Disqus on certain installs. ID so far has been responsible for all the cool stuff comment-wise you see on my blog. The cool thing is they also backup your comments, so you will never lose them!

4. Top 10

Track daily and total visits on your blog posts and display the count as well as popular posts. This one little plugin helped me keep track of what the 10 most popular posts on my site were. I would’ve never known “How To Write A Check” was #1 without it.

5. All in One SEO Pack

Automatically optimizes your WordPress blog for Search Engines (Search Engine Optimization). Little did I know my blog would rank better automatically for this. I was able to find I rank pretty high up in Google for “America’s Got Talent Tips” (Search Results).

Those are my 5 plugins I couldn’t live without. What are yours?

I Need Your Comments – Blog Redesign?

I’ve been tinkering with the idea of changing my blog design once again. Typically it comes to me every year around this time and I start to play around with different website designs.

This time, I want your feedback though. What would you like to see? What do you want my site to have that would make it easier/better for you?

Joe Boyle of Website Begin brought this idea to me and will be working with me on the redesign, so I’m pretty pumped to see what he (and you) will come up with.

If you want me to go ahead with this redesign, simply leave a comment saying, “Yes!” and a feature you would like to see on my new design. If you don’t want me to redesign my website and want it to be left alone, leave a comment saying, “No” and a reason why (optional).

-Taylor Marek

Are You In?

Wondering why I’ve been silent the past couple days? I’ll tell you why.

I’ve been working like mad on a product of mine and spending time offline to savor the quietness. Though a Taiwanese wedding is ANYTHING BUT QUIET!

Anyways, that’s just one of the many perks I get living here in Taiwan. It’s definitely fun and I wouldn’t trade anything for the time spent here.

So? What have I been working on? Well, it is top secret and I can’t divulge much here. All I can say is that the plugin I’m working on makes my first version of the Call To Action Plugin look like a baby! This plugin absolutely blows it out of the water.

I am going to be releasing it soon, but here’s the catch. You need to be on my list.

You have two options.

  1. Join My Tribe OR
  2. Join the Advanced Notification List below

If you’re already part of my Tribe, you’ll be getting an e-mail. 😉


The One Word Secret To Blogging Success

Hundreds of videos have been made, hours of audio have been recorded, and millions of words have been written on how to become successful at blogging. When it really comes down to the point, it really boils down to one word.


I’m not going to sugar-coat it for you. I’m not going to hide it behind my e-mail list, nor mystify it to be uncovered in a product. I’m putting the word out there for everyone to see. Ruminate on this word.

It takes a alot of determination to set out on this path, and even more so after. I’ll dare say most of you won’t make it down this path, you will falter and fall. But those who push on, those who do not falter, those who show an unimaginable amount of determination will push all the way to the end, wherever it may be.

Determination. Do you have it?

Ready, Aim, Wait

How many times have you done this? How many times have you done this unconsciously and not even realized it? Did you know you may be programmed to do this?

It could be a good thing at times, and it could be a bad thing at times. It all depends. What I will say though is that the mental trigger never goes off and we miss the opportunity that we should not have.

After putting this much energy into this project, making sure everything is ready, and then waiting, you’ve just killed the moment. You need to train yourself to recognize the opportunity and instantly pull the trigger. It could very well be the difference between life and death.

How do you train yourself to recognize opportunity? Leave a comment with your thoughts.

I’m Not Doing This For You

Why am I doing all this? Why do I have this blog, this website, this company? Well, let me just tell you straight out…

I’m Not Doing This For You.

I don’t take freeloaders. I don’t take passive people who sit on the sidelines. Quite honestly, I’m not doing this for your benefit at all.

Everything you see here is not because of me. It is not because of you. It is because of my Lord and King.

He has given me these talents to use while on earth. He wants me to live life to the greatest potential and do everything I can to please Him.

Now that’s not to say you’re not part of the equation at all, because if you were to believe that, you just missed my point completely. I am also here to help you.

I want you to become an active part in living life. I want you to consume and meditate on the truths woven into what I write, what I say, and what I create. I want to pull you out of the darkness and into the light, but I do not want your praise.

The ONLY praise I want to hear is that of the Creator of the Universe. I want to see His smile.

Have I explained myself clearly or not? If not, please leave a comment and I will be happy to explain further. 🙂