My Social Media Vault

For those interested, yes, I finally have my first product to offer this industry.

I’ve only taken forever to bring this product to completion. It all started in 2008 at the New Media Expo. I was speaking to my mentor, Paul Colligan, and he strongly recommended that I launch a product. At that time, my podcast had only been around for two years. It was making nice gas money, but you can’t really live off of that now can you? ;P

Originally I had hoped I would be picked in a big sponsorship deal for my podcast, but I soon realized that isn’t going to happen. Not to say it never will, but the chances of it happening are far and few. That in mind, I decided to hunt around for information to create my first product.

A year passed with still no product on my end. I think I was spitting out too many ideas than was good for me, but a couple months ago changed all that. I had all the pieces and all the dots, but had no idea how to connect them. From November up until now I learned how to connect the dots and arrange the puzzle pieces in the right order. Not only was it the most fun I had in a while, but it was also a stretching point. I learned alot from it.

Now I am pleased to announce to the world, the “Social Media Vault“!

Everything I know up to this point is included. I’m also including key bonuses to make sure this vault stays fresh with the most recent information on social media. I’d love to see you have access to this vault of information, or to share this link with a friend.

Included in this vault are case studies of many people I know, as well as a basic overview of Social Media. I also scratch the surface of Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Recording these was the most fun I had in a long time, and I learned a couple things that will surprise even you.

I probably shouldn’t be telling this, but remember when I launched the TaylorMarek20 Vlog? It is still going strong and I am including bonus videos inside this product that I won’t be releasing to the general public… šŸ˜‰

Enjoy and take notes!