Current Projects

This is what I am currently doing online:

Main Channel

This is my main channel on YouTube where I post weekly videos. I have videos on social media, mainly, but I also like to REDO popular movie/game trailers and create improv comedy sketches.

Daily Vlogs

Since January 1, 2011 I have been sharing my daily life on YouTube. I have a following whom I call “Fellow Conspirators” and I cover daily internet memes and family friendly viral videos.


This is my gaming channel. On it are the latest games I’ve played or am currently playing. Games include Call of Duty 4, Batman: Arkham City, Minecraft, Terraria, and many more. I post three 10min videos every weekday (Monday-Friday).


Once my virtual tech baby, this site has matured quite rapidly to where it doesn’t need me to be present if I choose not to be. It is a tech news site geared for the geek and non-techie people alike. It fills the void with interesting byte-sized tech news from across the web that can be consumed anytime, anywhere. Complete with Podcast, YouTube channel, and Twitter feed.

Create A Fan Page

Complete with a Fan Page, Twitter, and YouTube channel, I give people FREE and paid training on Facebook and Google+ Fan Pages.

Easy Call To Action Plugin

This WordPress plugin allows you to create a custom “Call To Action” box on your site.

Now you know why I’m running around on so many projects, haha. ;P

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Taylor Marek is no "newbie" when it comes to social media. Years of experience, combined with exceptional content and connections with the top industry leaders define his leadership and mark his passion. Read more here.

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