About Taylor Marek


Not many people can say they’ve been around since the very beginning of social media. I can, or at least since 2006. This was back in the day when everyone was new to the space, when it was FUN, I met and talked with the thought leaders of the industry and was even mentored by several!

I was even interviewed for a podcasting book!

I went from casually interested, to part-time hobbyist, to full-time social media consultant in a matter of 5 years! My passion lies in producing life-changing information for everyone through the New Media channels of podcasting, blogging, and/or video and harnessing the viral nature of Social Media to spread it to the world.

I’ve helped hundreds of people, from real estate professionals to network marketers, professional sports stars to Fortune 500 companies to small business owners and more!

I live in Waukesha, Wisconsin with my wife and two young kids running my online companies. In my spare time, I still enjoy reading, Ultimate Frisbee, gaming and the outdoors.

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