This is just a small collection of testimonials from the many people I’ve helped over the years. These words mean so much more to me than their face value, and I appreciate the person who said them deeply.

Twas an EPIC session on Podcasting! Must do again soon… 🙂 [Thank you, Prince of Podcasts!]” – Lola McIntyre

If you forgot what it was like to be enthusiastic about your life and business, follow @taylormarek. Taylor is an enthusiastic and energetic person who lives and breathes social media and business consulting. He’s quick to offer up innovative ideas and encouragement.Jack Josey (@Audiobag)

Just had a great conversation with @TaylorMarek –> He is motivated, smart, and a great role model for young leaders!” Harrison Painter

“@taylormarek interesting guy that makes things happen. Might say he is fearless, head down, charging forward type.”Justin McCullough

@taylormarek Hey thanks for all you share. Good stuff on your site. You are doing well and destined for great things.”John Weir

Taylor is a great resource for fresh information and for ideas that stimulate thinking. Taylor has a unique approach on the topics of new media, social media, and personal finance and can be an inspiration to all, especially members of Generation Y. Taylor is very open and helpful and is a personable person who is always there. Overall, Taylor is a valuable asset no matter if you’re reading his content or working with him.Eric Alpin (@ericalpin)

Taylor…[made my website]…look fancy. Thank you so much!”- Susie Madunich

“Taylor Marek is a very great and knowledgeable person to have around. He shares his experience in new media and social media with great expertise, great passion, and a really wonderful touch of humour to make you feel at home and comfortable taking in all the great knowledge from him :).” – Shirley Osei-Mensah

“Taylor is a mature and educated individual with plenty of talents. Taylor shows an excellent mind for business, and an intuition for helping others succeed. I have had to opportunity of attending College alongside Taylor and learning of his various business models. He is a talented person, and has displayed an eagerness to help those around him while creating his own path. I submit this recommendation as belief in Taylor’s ability to make his employers and clients succeed with him at the wheel.” – Eric Ippolito

“Taylor is a hard worker who stays on the cutting edge and knows how to expand his business to offer his clients the best. I definitely suggest working with Taylor.” – Bruce Chamoff

“Taylor is a young and vibrant breath of fresh air in the new media landscape. It is so exciting to see someone like Taylor take the initiative to think outside the box and approach podcasting and social media in such an active way.” – Geoff Smith

“Taylor is a very impressive young man. I first met him at an online conference, where we were both running booths. He’s very knowledgeable in his field, and I was surprised to discover how young he was. Normally, someone would view his age as a hindrance, but to me, it was a positive. He’s energetic, stays on top of things, and his age provides a perspective that I don’t think you could get anywhere else (not with his professionalism!) Most would see it as a lack of experience, but with Taylor, you get a 40-year-old in a younger package. It’s really amazing.” – Shelly (Hays) Cole

“Taylor’s wisdom was amazing at a young age, and his insights were always helpful. He has always immersed himself in technology and web tools, and continues to build successful communities and tools.” – Dave Jackson

“Taylor is a very ambitious young man with his head on straight. He keeps up with the latest technology news and writes interesting articles. His self-discipline and ambitious nature make him a true entrepreneur, always seeking new opportunities. He’s also great to work withfriendly, respectful, and courteous.” – Rebecca Crockett

“I had the pleasure of being a guest on Taylor’s podcast and was thoroughly impressed with both the production quality of the show and the professional nature in which he handles it. Taylor understands personal branding concepts and definitely has the talent to execute it himself and for others.” – Jordan Cooper

“Taylor is someone who loves what he does, and it shows in his work.” – Caleb Ku


  1. I feel so much proud to be a frequent visitor of Taylormarek. I strongly believe that Taylor is an energetic person and he is definitely a role model. I enjoy reading his ideas and planning to do the same for like, ever!

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