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My name is Taylor Marek. I’m a 28 year-old, happily married postal carrier. That’s me on the left. I just got married in June of this year, so I’m definitely excited about this new chapter in my life. Welcome to my website, the hub of everything I do online.

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I’m here because I want to see you succeed, if you have any questions please contact me.

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-Taylor Marek


Quick Stats:

I’ve dabbled with varying degrees of success in Social Media Marketing, SEO, Facebook Pages/Ads, Google AdWords/AdSense, Blogging, Podcasting, YouTube, Product Launches, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Joint Ventures and more.

I’ve managed social media accounts for Fortune 500/1000 companies, NFL Professional Players and small business owners; run successful podcasts pushing 100k downloads; created a popular training course for 3000 plus Facebook Page Owners; launched a WordPress Plugin through WarriorForum with a Joint Venture that netted $3000+; managed email lists of over 1k subscribers; collectively run a group of YouTube channels that have generated over 800k views and 2,500 subscribers; run a popular Minecraft server that logged over 9000 player logins and boasted an active community of several hundred players; been mentored by some well known people in the industry; and interviewed people who have appeared on Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc., Business Insider, Fast Company and more. Not to mention I was also interviewed for a book!

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