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My name is Taylor Marek. I’m a 28 year-old, happily married postal carrier. That’s me on the left. I just got married in June of this year, so I’m definitely excited about this new chapter in my life. Welcome to my website, the hub of everything I’ve done online since 2006!

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-Taylor Marek


Quick Stats:

I’ve dabbled with varying degrees of success in Social Media Marketing, SEO, Facebook Pages/Ads, Google AdWords/AdSense, Blogging, Podcasting, YouTube, Product Launches, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Joint Ventures and more.

I’ve managed social media accounts for Fortune 500/1000 companies, NFL Professional Players and small business owners; run successful podcasts pushing 100k downloads; created a popular training course for 3000 plus Facebook Page Owners; launched a WordPress Plugin through WarriorForum with a Joint Venture that netted $3000+; managed email lists of over 1k subscribers; collectively run a group of YouTube channels that have generated over 800k views and 2,500 subscribers; run a popular Minecraft server that logged over 9000 player logins and boasted an active community of several hundred players; been mentored by some well known people in the industry; and interviewed people who have appeared on Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc., Business Insider, Fast Company and more. Not to mention I was also interviewed for a book (Podcasting For Profit by Leesa Barnes)!

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