#10: Why Savers are Losers, The Most Important word in Selling, and Google acquires YouTube

For this episode I talked about the possibility of an interview with Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump over their new book “Why we want you to be Rich”. For Finances …

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#9: Intro to Network Marketing, Increase your Business Sales, and Zune

In this episode I talked about network marketing and the advantages in network marketing. Today’s Business Tip of the Day Is: People like to buy, so cater to their needs. …

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#8: Budgeting your money, Business Communication, and Website Navigation

In this episode I talk about how to budget your money and stay within your budget. Business wraps up the final part of the B-I Triangle (graphic coming), Communication. And …

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#7: Ways to get Rich, Business Product, and Top Web Design Mistakes

In this episode I talked about 4 common ways people try to become rich and why only one works. I also talked about the Product plank in the B-I Triangle …

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#6: More Financial Myths, Business Cashflow, and Cleaning your Laptop

In this episode I talked about some more Financial myths. One was “Debt is bad” and the other was “I have to fix the toilet in the middle of the …

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#5: Financial Myths, Business Leadership, and Tablet PC’s

In this episode I talked about some common myths in Finances. One was “The rich are greedy” and the other was “money is evil”. In Business I talked about Leadership …

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#4: Debt, Business Team, and Product Review

In this episode I encouraged listeners to take a survey located on the right hand side of my blog. In Finances I talked about debt and how there is both …

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