A Live Q&A Forum?

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An update on Intel Quad-Core Chips

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Intel Quad-Core Released

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#26 Sponsored by GoToMyPC: Control your Finances, Interview with Jeff Mills, and Wi-Fi Paint

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In Finances, you will learn how to focus in to control your finances. We have a very special guest with us today, Jeff Mills, who will speak to us for Business. And in Technology, you will learn about Wi-Fi paint.

You can learn more about Jeff Mills by visiting his blog at: http://www.jeffmills.com. The press release mentioned in Technology can be found by going to: http://emsectechnologies.com/press_releases/press1.php

Midwest Super Conference

Jeff Mills, over in his blog, has finally announced the release of some more DVD’s of his excellent seminar, the Midwest Super Conference. This seminar is unbelievable, and packed with some very valuable content. If you want to learn more, or if you want to purchase the recordings, head on over to: http://www.taylormarek.com/midwestsuperconference

#25 Sponsored by GoDaddy.com: Tax Deductions, Secrets of Making Appointments, and a New IBM Chip

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For Finances, you will learn about a standard deduction you can apply to your taxes. In Business, you will learn about the Secret of making Appointments, along with a sneak preview of a special guest that will appear on next week’s show. In Technology you will become informed on IBM’s research into a new chip capable of running at 160GB per second.

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