MURPHY’S LAW! (2.19.11 – YTO Day 50)

It turns out I talked alot about Murphy’s law today, not to mention I also had to work on a

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I’m riding a bike at night and vlogging at the same time! Who knew? I decided to rant about the

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LANTERN FESTIVAL! (2.17.11 – YTO Day 48)

Every 15 days after Chinese New Years is the Lantern Festival. It’s pretty awesome, though I need to remember to

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I LUVS HALF DAYS! (2.16.11 – YTO Day 47)

I love half days of work. I also love fan made intros and outros. I even love game commentary. 

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ARAB LADY HIT BY A CAR! (Fail Scale #1)

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What Happened?

Hello Everyone, No, I didn’t die. No, I didn’t fall off the edge of the planet. No, I didn’t get bored of this online stuff and go “offline”. A New …

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Targeting A Portfolio For Freelance Designers And Content Writers

If you’re a freelancer, you have to pay your dues and work your way up the ladder. The problem is that a lot of people are sitting on portfolio material …

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