116 | Money Saving Tip from a Mailman, Great Parking Job and Is there a fire or did someone turn the heat on?

Sorry for the delay, this has been a crazy week as the stories we have today can attest to. Hope you guys enjoy. 🙂

Show Notes:

#1: Money Saving Tip from a Mailman

#2: Great Parking Job

#3: Is there a fire or did someone turn the heat on?


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115 | Shadow of War Review, Poddy Break Podcast Review and a Couple Cop Stories

What part of the show did you enjoy today? Let us know in the comments, enjoy and have a great weekend!

Show Notes:

#1: Shadow of War Review

#2: Poddy Break Podcast Review

#3: A Couple Cop Stories


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114 | The Day I Cracked My Knee, Do You Have A Spirit Of Excellence? and Tim Hawkins LIVE!

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Show Notes:

#1: The Day I Cracked My Knee

#2: Do You Have A Spirit Of Excellence?

#3: Tim Hawkins LIVE!

Here’s a link to his Poddy Break Podcasthttps://timhawkins.net/pages/poddy-break


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113 | Clues for Clueless People, Noah: Man of Destiny and Raccoon on the Roof!

With all the fog rolling in off the lake tonight, I think it came into the studio and made us all loopy! You’ll have to listen to find out what happens!

Show Notes:

#1: Clues for Clueless People

#2: Noah: Man of Destiny Book Review

#3: Raccoon on the Roof!


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112 | Story of 2 Stupid Drivers, How To Get Offended and Beaten By A 9yr Old

This episode had way too much laughter that’s for sure. Either we are getting better at recording or slowly losing our minds… In either case, be sure and let us know what you thought! We can’t wait to hear from you!

Show Notes:

#1: The Story of 2 Stupid Drivers

#2: How To Get Offended

#3: Beaten by a 9 year old

I’ve embedded the video below, otherwise click the link above to watch it on YouTube:


Keep Being Awesome!

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111 | Destiny 2, Puppies and Pigeon vs The Internet

What does Destiny 2, puppies and a pigeon have to do with this episode? You’ll have to listen to find out! Don’t forget to subscribe to the show so that you can keep up to date!

Show Notes:

#1: Our Thoughts on Destiny 2

#2: Pet Collecting Stories

#3: Real or Fake? You decide!


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#110: Pokémon GO, Dead or Alive??

In today’s action packed episode, we share a couple funny stories and a helpful article. Don’t forget, we love to hear from you so leave us your thoughts on this episode.

Show Notes:

#1: Butt Dialed Voicemail Transcribed by Google

#2: Pokémon GO, Dead or Alive??

#3: What Do You REALLY Want?


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#109: A Whole New Podcast!

After 7 years of dormancy, the Taylor Marek Podcast has re-emerged! After travelling the world and gaining a wealth of knowledge, we are back to share the stories we’ve heard and empower you with the knowledge we’ve gained. So sit back, grab a drink and enjoy the latest installment!

Links mentioned in this episode:

My Daily Vlogs

My Life: 2016 Recap + Marriage Proposal @ The Piano Guys concert

10 Simple Ways to Take Care of Yourself

Mentioned on the show:

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My Life: A 2016 Recap

Wow… let me just say it’s been YEARS since I last updated this blog. Well, I know at least. You may be new here or a long time reader coming back for a visit. A fond welcome to the both of you. 🙂

Between 2012 and 2016, I’d been busy with several projects that devoted all of my time outside of my full-time job. I’d not only been playing League of Legends with friends and entertaining/teaching others with a website and YouTube channel, I also created and managed quite a large Minecraft Server (Over 9000+ unique IP logins in less then a year!) with an associated website (Over 100+ active members) and YouTube channel. Let’s just say that collectively I was dealing with hundreds of visitors/viewers/players/members on a daily basis and riding on quite a high. A high, I think, that was bigger then this website and associated podcast and YouTube channel had ever seen. Granted I think on the tail end of 2012 and 2013 my vlog was starting to fade out, though it did hit the highest amount of subscribers and total views out of all my other YouTube channels combined. All that to say, I’ve been caught up in quite a number of exhilarating waves.

2016 is the year that blew them out of the water. But it certainly didn’t start with me cresting along the top of the wave. No, I was mostly rolling around in the shallows and didn’t know it. You see, I was still getting over the fact that I had to kill some of the projects I was running. Some I had shut down already, the rest were slowly on the way out.

I just needed a break.

I ended most of my projects in 2015 due to financial and lots of mental strain. I felt they had served their purpose and that I needed to start preparing for my future with no restraints. Did I feel bad? Yes, I felt horrible and for many days felt miserable but I slowly started coming back to a reality I had missed out on for many years and after many months I finally started to feel normal. Little did I know how long that normal would last.

Several months into 2016, a girl entered my life. But not just any girl. The best way I can explain is that God sent her handmade from the other side of the world. This was the one I was waiting many years for. She had finally arrived! (Yes, this is the one you can see in the sidebar picture standing next to me.)

We met at church. Started courting not long after that. My dog, Toby, passed away a month after we had started courting, which broke my heart. It’s pretty hard to lose a pet you spent half of your life with, one that I’m still getting over, while at the same time just starting a new relationship. In his own way, before he passed, he let both her and I know that he approved of my choice and that she would be the one to “watch over me now”. </3

Come September, I took my now fiance to a surprise Piano Guys concert and proposed to her on the spot while the group was gathered around her. That proposal was one for the record books, got plenty of pictures and videos for posterity. The wedding is planned for June of 2017.

As I write this in the final month of 2016 and look back at this year… I’m amazed. Some of the happiest moments and heart-wrenching tears of sadness happened this year. But this was all part of God’s plan. And I know He has good things in store for me. He also has good things in store for you as well, if you trust Him with your life.

Now you know why I’ve been so busy. 😉




How To Get Quality Fans Automatically

Last week I told you to post daily, this week I’m going to show you how to do it.

But first, let me tell you a story.

This story lays the framework for what I call the…

“CAPE Technique”

John loved sports. He enjoyed watching “The Big 3” and playing them with friends from time to time. But John had a problem.

That problem was boredom. Sure he enjoyed those sports, cause everyone else did and you’d be an idiot not to, but there was no “fun” element to them.

Then one day, something different happened. His buddies wanted to play a game, but not the ones he was used to. They were running around with what looked like a pie plate and passing it to each other. Not only that, but the game itself seemed to be a mash-up of several sports he was accustomed to.

John figured he might as well try this “new game” and see what happens. It was different, looked easy to play, and his friends seemed to be having fun. After that game, he was hooked.

This one new sport was different, tons of fun to play, and eliminated his boredom! Soon he was playing on a regular basis, learning how to master the sport and inviting his friends to play.

Soon after, he quit.

What is the CAPE Technique?

Before I tell you about the system that I developed over 6 years, I need you to say this out loud:

“Quality Fans only come by Consistent, Authoritative Posts that Engage.” Tweet it!

Did you mean what you said? Awesome.


Consistent. You must send out your posts on a regular basis. Your “fan/follower” must know you are there. Find the time when most of your fans are online and post your updates during that time for the greatest effect.

Authoritative. You are the expert on your business/industry and your stance online must reflect that. You know what the customer wants and how your business can fulfill it. You know the answer to their every question. Take a look at Disney as an example.

Posts. This is what I define as a status update/tweet/post on your social media profiles. This is what you write up and send out to the world, via your social media profiles, to read. Your current or prospective customers will listen to/hear/see this.

that. Ok, honestly “that” isn’t “that” important but I needed to tie the phrase together. 😉

Engage. The hookpoint here is crucial. We’ve all been at a party listening to some “boring guy talk” about his subpar life story. We hate it. Don’t be that guy. Be the guy others want to talk to because you listen and enjoy talking to them, which makes them talk more, which enhances your “social status”… You get the idea.

The CAPE Technique “covers” your posts in the same way the wrapping paper on a present does. If you’re not getting quality fans, you’re using the wrong wrapping paper.

I wanted to cover this before I tell you exactly what to post, because I know some will post away verbatim and then ask me why nothing happened.

Next week I will be sharing some examples of what to post and what not to post.

I’ll also be talking about the ‘deadliest status update known to man.’

If you’re subscribed to my newsletter, you’ll get a behind the scenes look at the “deadliest status update”. Subscribe to my newsletter below as I will only be sending this message out ONCE.

So what happened to John? John quit every other sport and devoted his life to that one sport that made him feel so alive. The sport was Ultimate Frisbee.

Image by: tim caynes