Host of the Social Media Roundup Podcast!

I just wanted to announce to you guys that I am going to be starting up a new podcast! It’s called the Social Media Roundup Podcast. In it I will cover the latest social media tips, news, and interviews. Hoping to interview some of the big guys and anyone else who’d be interested in sharing their knowledge.

I’m also working with the guys at Posse Social Media, a consulting company based in Charlotte, NC. They have some awesome ideas of their own and I’m proud to be part of their team. Some awesome stuff will be coming out of this, so stay tuned.

The podcast hasn’t officially launched yet, but when it does I will let you know. :)

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  3. ROFLCovers 09/26/2013, 11:44 am:

    Just listened to your podcast! Thank you for putting this together. :)

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