How are my Spiritual Birthday and this Blog related?

Well, very simple. I went to a conference in March of 2006, and there met Ken Pierpont. It was at that conference I first heard about blogging and the power behind it. He also touched a bit on podcasting, which I had never heard before. I came home and purposed at that point to start “blogging”. I kept it as a bit of an online journal if you will for a while, then started digging deeper into blogging. That started my move into podcasting, and I’ve never looked back. I absolutely LOVE the connections and the conversations that I’ve had in this space. Not to mention the pure POWER behind this “new media revolution”.

I strategically planned this blog out. I didn’t want to get a or blog. I didn’t even want to go under a pen name. I wanted to be me, and creating my own blog helped me achieve that. From the start, this venture was flooded in prayer, and I made a definite step by releasing my first post to the world exactly three years ago today. Here is the first post I ever wrote:

Since then, what has happened still amazes me to this day. I have interviewed some very popular people on the internet, I’ve been reader of the month for my local library, I was interviewed for the monthly JA newsletter, I’ve had the honor of being written about in the book “Podcasting for Profit” by Leesa Barnes, and I had the pleasure of being able to attend the 2008 New Media Expo. The website has continued to grow as well.

I am still amazed that those whom I consider “rockstars” of the new media realm and doggedly follow actually know me personally. That alone encourages me to continue cranking out new content for you guys. God is good isn’t He?

Today I turn nine in the Lord, and this blog officially turns three. I embrace the expanding horizon with open arms thanking God for this opportunity He has laid in front of me and welcoming whatever new opportunities He will lay in front of me in the days, weeks, months, and years to come. Thank you for being a part of this special celebration.

#92: You and the Economy, My Business is Crashing, and Internet Hoaxes

Yes, new episode everyone! Come take a listen!

In this episode, learn whether you should take control of your money, if you should let your business go, and what kind of April Fools Day pranks went down on the internet.

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