#34 Sponsored by GoToMyPC: What about my credit score, How do I keep new employees, and Microsoft has 1 million Zune babies

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In today’s episode Finances answers the question, “What about my credit score?”. Business will show you how to keep new employees. In Technology news, Microsoft has 1 million Zune babies.

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#11: How to get the best buy part 1, An idea I learned from Lincoln, and Apples response to Zune

Back from vacation, episode #11 focuses on 7 of 15 ways to get the best buy, an idea learned from Lincoln on how to make friends, and what the CEO of Apple says about Zune.

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#9: Intro to Network Marketing, Increase your Business Sales, and Zune

In this episode I talked about network marketing and the advantages in network marketing. Today’s Business Tip of the Day Is: People like to buy, so cater to their needs. And for Technology I talked about IPods rival, Zune. Looking forward to see how IPod and Zune compare.

Updates (6-5-09):

Going over this, I wish I had the url link to this article, “5 reasons why the Zune is better”…

Ha! I even mentioned Microsoft Soapbox!

Grr, still can’t say “Windows Vista” correctly… 😛