#13: Cassandra Poem, This idea put me back into selling, and Business Week’s (Not Newsweek) Top Blogging Tools of 2006

In episode 13, I talked about the Cassandra poem by Edwin Arlington Robinson and how it applies to America today. In Business, I talked about an idea that put me back into selling and the advantages of keeping sales records. As for Technology, Business Week announces the Top Blogging Tools of 2006. Here is the link: http://www.businessweek.com/technology/bestof2006/results/bloggingtools.html Sorry for the mix-up calling Business Week, Newsweek. I also recommend a podcast to learn more about WordPress at www.wordpresspodcast.org

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#12: How to get the Best Buy part 2, I became welcomed everywhere I did This, and PlayStation 3

In this episode:
Back from a great weekend at the International Podcasting Expo, I finished up the last 8 tips on how to get the best buy, the poem will be talked about next week. In business I talked about how to become more welcome everywhere I did this. I am extending Frank Bettgers challenge to you also. And for Technology I talked about the new PlayStation 3 coming out soon, and how it compares to Nintendo’s Wii and Xbox 360.

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#11: How to get the best buy part 1, An idea I learned from Lincoln, and Apples response to Zune

Back from vacation, episode #11 focuses on 7 of 15 ways to get the best buy, an idea learned from Lincoln on how to make friends, and what the CEO of Apple says about Zune.

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Sorry for the late announcement but….

I’m attending the International Podcasting Expo!

#10: Why Savers are Losers, The Most Important word in Selling, and Google acquires YouTube

For this episode I talked about the possibility of an interview with Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump over their new book “Why we want you to be Rich”.

For Finances I talked about why savers are losers. In Business the most important word in selling is why. And for Technology I talked about the possibility of Google acquiring YouTube for $1.6 billion. Little did I know at the time this episode was released, that Google had actually bought YouTube.

#9: Intro to Network Marketing, Increase your Business Sales, and Zune

In this episode I talked about network marketing and the advantages in network marketing. Today’s Business Tip of the Day Is: People like to buy, so cater to their needs. And for Technology I talked about IPods rival, Zune. Looking forward to see how IPod and Zune compare.

Updates (6-5-09):

Going over this, I wish I had the url link to this article, “5 reasons why the Zune is better”…

Ha! I even mentioned Microsoft Soapbox!

Grr, still can’t say “Windows Vista” correctly… 😛