Blackberry Storm gets an upgrade…

When the Blackberry Storm was first announced, I wanted to get one. But of course I have to wait 1.5 years to get a new phone as I already have a contract with Verizon. So I went about my days and kept up to date on news of its release and review. Then I started hearing the complaints come in and thought, “Good thing I didn’t buy one, might have a lemon on my hands.” I was suprised when I heard of an update to their software. It seemed to fix all the bugs and everyone is happy again. Except me, because I still want one… 😛

Remember how long it took Apple to update its software? I am glad Research In Motion, the phone’s maker, is moving much quicker then that with updates.

Interesting fact I found, when the Storm was released, there were people waiting in line to buy them, just like the IPhone…

Legitimate Competition? Another hype? What do you think? Comments are open.

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