Featured in Wisconsin’s Junior Achievement Newsletter

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Junior Achievement of Wisconsin – Inspirations – Volume VI Issue I February 2007

Taylor Marek: Podcaster

Taylor Marek is 17 years old, a home-schooled South Milwaukee high school senior, and an increasingly popular podcaster. He is also a recent and inspired participant in the Racine JA Business Challenge.

I would encourage anyone to play this game. It helps you learn how to run a big business. Highly Recommend with two thumbs up! http://titan.ja.org

He began his own podcast after seeing Donald Trump’s, and chose to focus on three main areas. The first is Finances – learning how to control them, getting out of debt and staying out, and how to get rich the right way. Then there’s Business – how to start and run a business – which he has learned from books, from his own experience, and from JA. The third is Technology – how to make a website with an impact or elaborating on the latest gadgets.

Find him at http://www.taylormarek.com/blog to learn these things – in simple terms. It’s delivered weekly and since it was started in August, Marek has had over 100 downloads with a listenership in over 22 countries, covering every continent except Antarctica.

To help correct any misunderstandings, each episode usually has downloads of 100+ each. Total downloads as of today are around 4,500. And yes, I do have listeners in 22 countries, just view the map. 🙂

In addition to his podcast career, Marek, with sights set on college, has two additional businesses: a lawn care company, and a website design company where one of his current projects is setting up a website and quick quote system for a home repair and remodeling business. He is also an accomplished violinist playing with the Magnificent Performing Strings.

He comments, “JA helped me to get where I am now – it opened up my mind on how to run a big business and to learn how to manage a big company. It is targeted towards young minds, entrepreneurs – the next generation of adults. It has a big impact teaching better management and marketing – more knowledgeable people.”