Important Announcement

There have been some massive changes in my life to warrant a complete change of how I do things online.

I am currently in TESOL training in Oklahoma City because I will be leaving in about a month. I will be moving to Taiwan for a year with my sister to teach English in the schools. This is the best opportunity God has shown us yet, and from what we can see, this will open so many doors and new opportunities. Some of the information is quite amazing, and we are excited to be on this path.

The other reason is because Paypal/Ebay shutdown my account and screwed me over for alot of money. In a nutshell, do not do anything on either of their websites, because you could very well wind up in the same situation I am now working through. That situation is not pretty and is serious enough to warrant legal action against Paypal. I even have my bank backing me up in this matter, so all of the guns are coming out. I will have a separate blog post on this soon so that you have the full story.

In the meantime, this is what you can expect to see change on my website. Virtually 95% of my information will be put behind closed doors. The only way you will have access is if you pay a small membership fee. I think I may have learned my lesson about giving away too much for free, because free doesn’t pay the bills. Memberships do. I will still have the most popular posts and the most recent podcast episode available for free. The rest will be put into a premium option, and you will have to pay to access it.

You won’t see the changes take place immediately, but within a months time it will be complete. I’d suggest catching up on any information you missed and subscribing to my membership program so that I can continue to provide you with high quality content. I just can’t afford to give things away for free anymore, however, if the membership provides a small stream of revenue, I may consider opening up some free options once again.

Now you know what’s happening in my life. I’d love to answer any questions you may have. I’ll always be around if you need to contact me. 😉