Last Day at Wells Fargo

Yes, today is the day. I am leaving Wells Fargo and moving off to college. What does the future hold for me? Not sure, but excited whatever comes my way.

Here is the background story and tips for the rest of you to enjoy. This is one chapter of my life I want well documented, there are many memories.

I was hired February 4, 2008 as a teller for my local Wells Fargo branch. No, this wasn’t my first job, that’s another story by itself. After a handful of interviews, I was finally in. I was then immersed into the training and the culture of Wells Fargo. Loved every bit of it. Learned alot. Then I moved into my role as a teller and met my co-workers. One of my relatives worked at that branch for years, and we had been coming to that branch for years, so we knew each other pretty well. What transpired in my role as a teller is another book in itself, so I’m not going into much detail.

One memory I will pull out though. I was asked to help at a branch in Racine, which was a 30min+ drive one way. It was October 31, 2008. I’ve never felt fall the same way again after that. I was up bright and early, and drove all the way there with the windows down. I had some flowing music on, which also helped to set the mood. I’ve never smelt the air that crisp, hear the leaves crunch, nor enjoy the changing color of the trees more then I did that day. It was a cool, sunny, crisp, fall morning smell that burst upon my nose. It was a perfect drive. I can smell the air as I’m writing this. I arrived at the branch, and went about my usual duties as a teller. Barely anyone came in that day, so I was either off daydreaming or socializing with fellow co-workers. When lunch break came around, which was an entire HOUR!!, I swung by Arbys and picked up the regular roast beef combo, and an Orange Dream shake (as I’m writing this, they came back with the Orange Dream shake again. Not sure how long it will last though). That break was pure heaven to me. I had an entire hour to myself to do whatever I wanted. I took the liberty of exploring the entire 2nd and 3rd floor of the building, which was completely deserted and quiet except for the occasional empty conference room and storage area. Content with exploring, I went back to the break room and finished eating lunch. During that time I flipped on the TV and watched a mix of the History Channel/Discovery Channel. I vaguely remember watching something about Star Wars and the real life similarities during the time it was written. That felt like the longest break I was ever on, cause I kept watching the clock to see if I went over my time. Never did though, time dragged slowly by. The rest of the day went on exactly like that. Barely anyone came in, I wrapped up my duties, then headed home, feeling the crisp breeze on my skin as I drove home.

Near the end of November, I moved from a teller position to a utility clerk in another department. That meant I got to ride the bus downtown to work everyday. That also meant I had to learn new systems (though there was a machine from 1978 I had to deal with on a daily basis), and deal with tons of numbers, lots of paper, and daily tasks that had to be completed before I left. I got my exercise that way as well. The distance from my house to the bus stop was about a mile away, so I ran it. Yes, in the rain. Yes, in the snow. Yes, sometimes up to my knees. Oh yeah, I also ran it back. That was my exercise, running two miles a day, from the middle of December until today (August 21, 2009). I got pretty good at it too, and for those wondering, I started pushing 6min 15sec miles. Good times…

Tons of memories, and many people I met and became friends with. That will never go away. I truly believe God placed me in the best company He knew of to teach me many things. Not only is the culture behind Wells Fargo amazing, so are the people. Wells Fargo is one of the only remaining companies I believe that has a true handle on the customer. That is why there is such a loyal following. Everything about Wells Fargo complemented my own learning quite nicely as well. If you are Wells Fargo, you know what I mean. ;D

If there is one thing I could take out of my current position at Wells Fargo, it would be this. Everything works out fine, whether you expect it or not. I can’t tell you how many times I thought I would get out early, only for something to happen. Somehow, it all works out for me leaving on time.

Today was a good example of that. I thought I might be able to leave a bit early than usual, but something happened with a machine that kept us until the usual ending time. This was one of those errors I had never encountered before, which made for a fun day. My boss had a good laugh out of this as well, because a problem similar to this happened when I first started out as a utility clerk. Might as well go out with a bang eh? ;P

I will miss working for Wells Fargo, but God is moving me along to the next stage of my life. I’m fine with that, I still have all the memories to reminisce over and people I can catch up with from time to time.

In a way, ’tis a Bittersweet Moment….