Midwest Super Conference

Jeff Mills, over in his blog, has finally announced the release of some more DVD’s of his excellent seminar, the Midwest Super Conference. This seminar is unbelievable, and packed with some very valuable content. If you want to learn more, or if you want to purchase the recordings, head on over to: http://www.taylormarek.com/midwestsuperconference


  1. I’m just wondering if you’re going to be able to make it to the Midwest Super Conference, or know of anyone who is?

    Please let me know

  2. I wish I could be there, but I can’t. The only person I know who is going there is Jeff Mills (wink), so you might have to get in contact with him.

  3. Man it was such a great time. Reed Florin, Matt Bacak, Steve Renner, Pat Lovell, Jason Henderson, JJ Childers, Jason Pierson, John Benet, Matthew Glanfield, Dan Unsworth, and more….

    It was a great time!

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