Morning Dream

Ever had a dream in the morning? I did, and boy was it a good one. I’m going to post it here, as I don’t know any better place to put it, plus this is a personal website of mine as well… ๐Ÿ˜‰

I was enjoying a Saturday morning rest, when my mother woke me up around 7:30am. She said something and then left. I went back to sleep and that is when the dream hit. I’ve only been 20 for less then a week, and already I am having visions like crazy and dreams that I haven’t had in a while (maybe God is waking me up to this?). This dream felt so real to me that I wouldn’t have cared if it went forever, though I wish it did go longer. If you don’t know by now, I’m a big Inheritance Cycle fan. And I mean a MAJOR fan. This story couldn’t have come to me at a better time in my life. It speaks volumes to me and I am constantly making connections between it and other things in my daily life as well. Eragon, the main character of the cycle, has the exact same personality I do its almost scary.

Now that the basis is set, though if you read the cycle you might understand the depth to this dream, lets continue on. I was ‘Eragon’ when this dream started. Me, a couple people that I did or didn’t know (I have no idea), and Saphira, a sapphire blue dragon, where gathered in a cave a short distance underground. I was by myself a short distance away in part of the cave, while the rest of the group was huddled near the door talking about something. Something came to my mind, I’m not sure what, then I searched for the name of my dragon so I could call her over to me. At this point in the dream Saphira was small enough that I could hold her in my arms. As soon as I thought of her name, and even before the word came out of my mouth, she instantly flew over to me and settled in my arms. I have no idea whether I said anything or not, but I can remember a very strong connection between the both of us. It was kind of like the sharing of mental images mixed with feelings of joy, love, admiration, and a very deep underlying bond between each other. It lasted for a short while, but it is something I will remember for life.

The dream then faded into a battle kind of scene in that cave. I guess I/Eragon had been gone for a while and the enemy was searching for me in force. Well, they found us in the cave. The cave was underground and resembled a donut. There was a large pillar in the middle and two staircases in the top part of the cave about 20 feet apart leading up to the surface. We were huddled in the bottom part of the cave, and the enemy streamed through both staircases at the top part of the cave. The enemy was a group of Orcs and Uruk-hai (don’t even ask me how LOTR meshed with this dream :P). I rose to my feet and started walking towards them. Two Uruk-hai leaders rushed me at that moment. I jumped into the air above them, grabbing both swords, and slamed them into the ground. The Uruk-hai were holding onto the swords, so they went down as well. Then the magic kicked in. I fused both of their hands to the respective weapon and proceeded to twist and fuse the two swords together. When I was almost done with that task, I created a large black hole rimmed with green fire about 10 feet in diameter not that far from me and threw them into the hole. It then sucked the entire orc army into that hole and closed up.

The dream then faded into several other parts, then came back to a part I remember. Me and a much larger Saphira were gathered by some wagons near a house and farm when the “bad guy” showed up. Saphira hid and I ran into a row of corn stalks to evade detection. For one reason or another, I didn’t want to hide very long, so I burst out of the stalks jogging to a nearby barn. A young child was near there and saw me jump onto a wagon. He said something mean to me and threw something at me. I dodged it with ease which amazed him. Then he wanted to start following me, but I continued running and lept onto the barn roof 30 feet in the air leaving him in dumb amazement. At this point I went out of character, so it felt like I was watching this as a movie. Saphira was chained up by the wagon we had been hiding by and she was talking to a small family of about six people. A bomb of some sort (guessing magic) was placed into the wagon beside her while she said, “Not all of you will survive this explosion, except maybe you (referring to the mother) and you (referring to a young son), which will be a bad thing.” The family scattered. Then I popped back into character, except that I was larger and looked more like the Hulk (though a lighter shade of green). (No idea how this fits in with anything at all.) I was running towards Saphira when the “bad guy” jumped down in front of me just before I reached her. The “bad guy” wasn’t in character either, he looked like a bigger version of the Hulk except he was a beige color. The camera zoomed out and I watched as he brought both fists down on the back of my neck. I popped out of the “hulk” character I was in and turned back into myself. I was stunned and totally helpless as I watched the bomb explode, engulfing Saphira in flames. I cried out her name and was struck with an instant sense of grief and loss as the explosion continued and engulfed me as well. The dream faded out then.

I have no idea where this fits in with anything, or what happened beyond that point. I woke up and was in a stupor for a couple minutes. The clock said 8:45am.

Hope you guys liked the storytelling side of me, maybe you learned something from it. I’m still mulling this dream over in my head, curious as to the meaning…

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