My First Laptop

While we are on the subject of laptops, I might as well let you know about the first laptop I got. I purchased my first latop in Nov of 2007. I had it for several months, and it worked like a charm. I had to return it, but here is what I got out of it while I had it.

I had the Dell Inspiron 1720.  It was, in my opinion, the best laptop for the price and features. I was completely blown away by what I got. You are able to choose the color on your laptop, and I picked the midnight blue. When it first came, I unpacked it and started it up. It ran Windows Vista Home Edition. It started up very fast and I was able to start working on it very shortly with full internet connection from the wireless installed in it.

After a couple days, I installed several games on it, World of Warcraft and Star Wars Battlefront 2. Both games performed very well. I never had any errors, no lag time, no jumping graphics. Everything ran so smoothly I thought I had a 512MB video card in it, but that was only working off the integrated graphics card. I was very impressed by the integrated graphics card. It ran on 2GB memory with a 120GB hard drive.

The only thing I regret not adding to it was the integrated webcam. It would have worked perfectly with making several videos and my channel.

You would think I paid a pretty penny for this, but surprisingly I didn’t. I only payed roughly $950 for everything, including a wireless mouse in the same color as my laptop. If ever I were to get another laptop, this would be the one, unless I was swayed to another laptop. This laptop was a dream laptop, worked like a charm in every way for me, and blew me away every chance it got. I can’t say a bad thing about this laptop, literally.

Care to read the review CNET gave on it?