RadioTail Ripple End of Service

I just received this e-mail minutes ago. Here is what it says….


We’ve decided to end our free statistics service, RadioTail Ripple. It’s
been a pleasure having you on our system and working with so many fine

As of the end of this month, we’ll stop generating statistics for your
podcast. We will continue to forward the redirects to your media files
for the foreseeable future.

I’ve used RadioTail Ripple on my own podcast (, so
I’d like to assure you that we’ll do everything possible to make this
easy for you.

Your listeners will not notice any change because we will continue to
forward the old Ripple redirects to your podcast.

We recommend you consider looking into using another metrics service
such as FeedBurner, PodTrac or Libsyn.

(All the) Best,


Wow. Just like that, gone is another podcast statistics service. I actually enjoyed Ripple over many others because of the total downloads button you can watch. Also, redirecting it through Ripple is very easy compared to some other stat tracking services.

I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors, Greg. I shall miss the excellent service you and your team developed.


  1. This is so sad. We have used Ripple for over a year, and absolutely love it… although our audience may not notice a change, I sure will.

    You will be missed, Ripple! And from one Greg to another – thanks for the awesome product.

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