The True Scope of New Media

Have you ever thought about it? How deep have you looked into this question? What did you find?

I’ve thought about this for quite a while. This is actually one of the reasons I first started blogging and podcasting 4+ years ago. I looked into it and I saw the uncharted territory, the vast size, and was instantly pulled in. I’m an explorer by nature, curious as all get out, and always manage to find a new angle to look at something. Just ask the disassembled electronics scattered around my room when I was 10. That was fun.

New Media offers something that nothing else does. A chance to be yourself and get noticed, no more hoops to jump through. The opportunity to explore your passion to your hearts content and get lost if you want to. And the chance to truly make a living, and then some, off of doing what you love. 😉

Are you with me? What are your thoughts?