What’s Been going on?

Sorry if I haven’t been updating in a while, many things have been happening in my life.

First off, my computer went through a massive crash in October and November. I had my computer in the shop for 2 weeks and didn’t get it back till November 9. Turns out what happened is that my Power Supply, Motherboard, and Graphics Card all went bad. I now have basically 95% of my entire computer replaced, as my cd-rom drive broke, and we thought that the memory and/or hard drive was the problem (which is wasn’t, but I have more memory and HD space now).

Secondly, I now have a job. I work part time as a stocker and my local food store. I was employed on October 17. That has been taking up chunks of time I would usually spend on researching and recording. That might be changing soon as I am pursing a full-time job at another place.

Finally, my Grandfather (my mom’s dad) just passed away yesterday morning. We have been taking care of him for a while now as he has been having problems with his feet. He lives near our house, which makes it easy to keep an eye on him. He just came out of surgery Tuesday (he went in for vein bypass in the left leg), and my entire family was over that evening watching a movie with him. It seems he died about an hour after we left. The doctor said that he might have either died naturally, blood clot to the heart or brain, or a small heart attack. He was in the military for a time, but was never deployed, and was a long time mail carrier for the Postal Service. This is a hard time on our family this holiday season, so keep us in your prayers.

I might be able to post one or two episodes if I have the time. Do let me know if you have a question or would like to speak on a topic for the show and I will put you in.

Thanks for understanding and I hope to be back soon…..