How Do YOU Define A Successful Social Media Campaign?

This is the first time I’m taking an official poll on this site because I want to hear your input. After you provide your input, I’ll give you my side of it.

Think of it as an Oreo. Your opinion is half of the Oreo, mine is the other half. Together there is a cohesive whole and everyone benefits.

So, How do you define a successful Social Media campaign?

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  1. Chris Brogan... 06/09/2010, 1:01 am:

    I voted like everyone else – sales.

    • taylormarek 06/09/2010, 3:08 am:

      Awesome. Thank you very much sir!

  2. Harrison Painter 06/09/2010, 5:20 am:

    Sales it is! I know a lot of people that get buzz, but if there is no conversion, what's the point?

    LOVE IT!

    • taylormarek 06/09/2010, 5:27 am:

      Exactly. If you can make a buzz but nothing comes from it, who's to blame? Gotta make sales to keep the business runnin and execs happy. ;)

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