Humanizing The Social Media Industry

It’s no secret that social media has created an entirely new marketing category within businesses. Social media has the ability to permeate into every avenue of a consumer’s life providing companies with an abundance of opportunities for brand advertising. The rules, however, are far different than the traditional advertising campaigns of yesteryear. Experts suggest taking an inside-out approach. By creating a fun working environment for your employees, through special events, or getting involved with charitable organizations, and uploading photos of these events, you can introduce customers to your brand’s personality. Showing the many faces of your employees goes a long way towards humanization. Since Facebook has no delineation between people’s pages and company pages, it’s becoming smarter to expose your company on a personal level.

Many companies are giving their customers the opportunity for daily interaction with their brands, by engaging directly with them. Starting discussions about relevant trending topics, offering up polls where customers can vote, and giving the most loyal page patrons moderator privileges are a few of the ways to increase views, and encourage returns.

One of the most important tenants here is to ensure your presence. Being actively involved in social media invites crucial dialogue with the public. Use this space to address concerns, and own up to any mistakes your company may make. Showing the public that you are interested in how they feel about their experiences with your product can mean the difference between a loyal customer and a one-time purchase. Recently, on’s Facebook page, a customer complained of poor service she received in one of the local stores. The guest relations team seized the opportunity to communicate how seriously they take these matters. Not only did they enter into an almost instant dialogue with the customer herself, but they publicly took responsibility and detailed how they would rectify the situation. Quick resolution speed, and a sincere concern for the consumer’s experience turned a negative comment into a display of’s desire to please their public, which helps not only retain the customer in question, but humanizes a company who is not only willing to admit the mistake, but also compensates for it.

Another useful idea is to reach out to key individuals within your community and offer them a personalized service. According toAlan Mulally, CEO of Ford Motor Company. Mulally personally invited a man who had posted on their Facebook page about searching for a new SUV to a special test drive of the company’s new Edge Crossover for a man who had posted on their Facebook page about searching for a new SUV. Not only did this convince this person to purchase the vehicle, but news about his experience spread quickly throughout his highly connected social network.

Social media is having as great an impact on lifelong brand integration as television did over 50 years ago. Companies can’t afford to miss out.

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  1. @NovaUke 04/09/2012, 5:34 pm:

    lol @ "inspired by mashable" you mean just taken and paraphrased? That is not the same as inspired. You just rewrote their content in an attempt to feign originality.

  2. Rebbecca Burgess 01/10/2013, 7:47 pm:

    In less than a decade, social media has revolutionised the way that products and services are promoted online, with brands and marketers looking to capitalise on these tools with innovative campaigns that engage and delight existing and prospective customers.

  3. Leslie Marlatt 10/04/2013, 7:02 am:

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  4. Arnold 11/28/2013, 1:45 pm:

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