The Psychology of Social Engagement

It’s the buzzword of the week- “engagement”. In regards to the world of social media, engagement refers to how people interact with one another, specifically with your business. Gone are the days of holding your consumers at arms length making way for new advertising campaigns aimed at bringing businesses into an era of developing branded company-wide personalities that can be related to on a much more intimate level that ever before.

But what does it all mean for your business? The first step is to understanding the psychology of social media trends.

Phone a friend…or Tweet them

81% of consumers receive advice relating to purchasing from friends and family on social networking sites. This tells us that when your customers are unsure of what they should buy, they look at what their friends are buying. Giving your customers a way to make wish lists and share their purchases with their social networks puts your products directly in the line of sight of customers struggling with purchase decisions of their own.

Reviews and Research

77% of of online shoppers use customer reviews to make their purchasing decisions. Companies like and CNET have proven to draw traffic for customers researching products they want to purchase. This is because we hold the opinions of specialists in high regard. Those who have already had experiences with a product are held in much higher esteem than those who are simply speculating. Instead of letting the big name companies get all of the traffic, creating a forum for product reviews brings the researching and the purchasing right to you.

For a Limited Time Only!

Just these words alone can mean the difference between making a purchase now, or never. Exclusivity is an old advertising tenant that has been used since the beginning of marketing. It is in our nature to assign greater value to resources that are in jeopardy of being depleted. Think about the lines at a gas station that run around the block after breaking news of a gas shortage. Creating your own demand is easy to do with your product, simply by creating a deadline for a discount. A whopping 77% of customers like getting special offers. Increase your purchases, and your traffic by offering exclusive discounts to customers who interact with your social media sites.

A friend of my friend’s is a friend of mine.

50% of shoppers have made a purchase based upon a recommendation from a friend on a social network. We instinctively try to emulate people we admire because it makes us feel more connected, builds social trusts and bonds. This is why celebrity endorsements are so highly sought after. Just drinking the same bottled water as Mark Zuckerburg makes me feel like I’m connected to him. Why not tap into the celebrities in a person’s life by offering ways for your customers to share news, trends, and deals from your business with their social networks?

Consistency creates loyalty

Everyone has that one brand they always trend towards, whether it’s Coke or Pepsi, Bounty or Charmin, they will pay more to have the brand they trust. That’s because when people are faced with uncertainty they prefer options that are consistent with their past behaviors and beliefs. 62% of shoppers are brand loyal. Build this trust by maintaining a consistent web presence, and allowing your customers to engage in open dialogue with your company. Customers will pay more for the brand they trust.

Pay it Forward

Every month over 25 billion pieces of content are shared on Facebook. Lots of this content is advice, tips, and tricks people want to share. Whether or not they are invited, we have an innate desire to repay favors in order to maintain social fairness. Giving your customers a heads up on sales, deals, or even updates on how your company is getting involved with charities, is a great way to use this repayment desire in your business’ favor.

There’s no secret that social media is full of potential for your company. Tapping into the mentality of your consumer base is the first step to creating a plan of attack that will increase your traffic, and your sales.

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