#83 Sponsored by GoDaddy: How much can you live on, Why I’m not a salesman, and Kindo

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In today’s episode you will be challenged with how much you can live on, find out Why I’m not a salesman, and hear from the people at Kindo.com. Sneak Peek! Next week I will show you how urgency can help make the sale for Business.

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  2. What are you career plans? Can you share your resume? We the audience need to know what your background consists of. It’s easy to speak in generalities about business, technology, and finance, but we want expert opinion.

  3. Hi Taylor,

    As someone with zero real world experience and maybe at best a shotty understanding of a book. I think you would benefit more people by not listening to this podcast and trying to understand what you are saying and maybe look at REAL advise.

    Having a rich dad is not good finical advise? also that 50 dollars the guy spends on cable…maybe thats for internet to download your podcast?

  4. First of all, thank you for the comments 🙂

    My career plans are to be in the area of business, running my own companies and helping people succeed in the area they need most. As for my resume, I can put down the many various businesses that I have run, from a popcorn stand to a lawn care business. The knowledge I have gained has come from personal experience as well as books I have read and applied.

    What do you mean “real world experience”? Does not running my own businesses, read books, and listening to others experience count as such? What advise should I be giving out that would whet your appetite? Not quite sure what you mean by “rich dad”. Are you meaning my father? What are you meaning by that question? As to the last statement, I personally pay for what I use. I pay for the internet. I pay for my clothes. I pay for this domain name and the hosting. I even payed for the computer I use as well as all the games. For everything I wanted, I payed for it out of my pocket. My parents have not. Where did it come from? The businesses I ran.


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