How old memories can creep up…

Interesting thought to think about….

Ever go about your day, doing the same task at the same time, in the same place? Then, out of the blue, an old memory hits you? How do you usually deal with the old memory? Dismiss it, ignore it, or fancy the thought awhile?

That’s what happened to me this past week. I was going about life, when a friend of mine said something which brought up an old memory. And in my mind, it was OLD. It was a TV show I watched when I was a kid. I watched it religiously and threw fits if I couldn’t see it. That was me as a kid, but I loved that show, and I still do. I only had two favorite TV shows when I was little, but this particular show was buried quite deep. As I thought about it, I realized that those two shows shaped much of who I am today. A part of my personality came from those shows, whether I knew it or not. If you think about it a while, you might be able to see how things you watched when you were little impacted the person you are today and how powerful they are at influencing.

If you are in the realm of media, old or new, know that what you are producing will influence people. Be careful how you influence them, shows hold more sway than you may realize.