Linux PC’s now offered by IBM

Hey all,

Thought this might be up your alley if you are a computer geek like I am.

IBM, which usually makes PC’s for Microsoft, has now come out with a new line of computers. They are now offering Linux for the PC instead of the default Windows. According to IBM, “…the system can save businesses $500 to $800 per user on Microsoft software licenses and an additional $258 per user “since there is no need to upgrade hardware to support Windows Vista and Office…”

My personal take on this? I am liking where the technology is heading, more open-source. Why? I seem to like the “anybody can improve” line of open-source. It also is harder for hackers to get into, in my opinion, as many people are working and improving the software. Whereas Microsoft and Apple have to worry about someone hacking into their “top secret” information and messing up the OS, Linux seems to not worry about it. The multitude of people working on Linux and improving it is impressive, and is shown by the quality of the OS. I toyed around with Red Hat, a flavor of Linux, in my younger years. It was a bit more code oriented, but I liked the feel and way the OS handled itself. More recently I have looked into Ubuntu, which I like alot more than Red Hat. First thing that blew me away, my jaw actually dropped, in Ubuntu was the look of it. Take a look for yourself if you are interested:

To read the full article about IBM offering a Linux line of PC’s, go to: