I was bought by Mashable!

Hey guys!

I have some awesome news today! I am now able to announce that Mashable.com has bought my site!

What does this mean?

Well, according to an email Mashable sent me,

“You get to run your website/blog/podcast like normal, we’re not fooling with that brand stuff. We need a face for social media and decided you are the best one to represent us.”

So I am very excited, as you can see. The email also goes on to explain that the ads on my site will be switching to those currently on Mashable (I get paid off of those), that I get to write articles for them once a month, and I get to fly around to events to speak about social media and represent Mashable. Did I mention they are going to pay all the expenses? I would be a fool to not take them up on the offer.

They are also bouncing around the idea of putting my face on the official Mashable logo and incorporating me into somewhat of a “social media celebrity”. Their “social media celebrity” mind you. The email gives out other private information, but that’s all I can give out at this point.

What do you think? Pretty epic eh?



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