My Life: A 2016 Recap

Wow… let me just say it’s been YEARS since I last updated this blog. Well, I know at least. You may be new here or a long time reader coming back for a visit. A fond welcome to the both of you. 🙂

Between 2012 and 2016, I’d been busy with several projects that devoted all of my time outside of my full-time job. I’d not only been playing League of Legends with friends and entertaining/teaching others with a website and YouTube channel, I also created and managed quite a large Minecraft Server (Over 9000+ unique IP logins in less then a year!) with an associated website (Over 100+ active members) and YouTube channel. Let’s just say that collectively I was dealing with hundreds of visitors/viewers/players/members on a daily basis and riding on quite a high. A high, I think, that was bigger then this website and associated podcast and YouTube channel had ever seen. Granted I think on the tail end of 2012 and 2013 my vlog was starting to fade out, though it did hit the highest amount of subscribers and total views out of all my other YouTube channels combined. All that to say, I’ve been caught up in quite a number of exhilarating waves.

2016 is the year that blew them out of the water. But it certainly didn’t start with me cresting along the top of the wave. No, I was mostly rolling around in the shallows and didn’t know it. You see, I was still getting over the fact that I had to kill some of the projects I was running. Some I had shut down already, the rest were slowly on the way out.

I just needed a break.

I ended most of my projects in 2015 due to financial and lots of mental strain. I felt they had served their purpose and that I needed to start preparing for my future with no restraints. Did I feel bad? Yes, I felt horrible and for many days felt miserable but I slowly started coming back to a reality I had missed out on for many years and after many months I finally started to feel normal. Little did I know how long that normal would last.

Several months into 2016, a girl entered my life. But not just any girl. The best way I can explain is that God sent her handmade from the other side of the world. This was the one I was waiting many years for. She had finally arrived! (Yes, this is the one you can see in the sidebar picture standing next to me.)

We met at church. Started courting not long after that. My dog, Toby, passed away a month after we had started courting, which broke my heart. It’s pretty hard to lose a pet you spent half of your life with, one that I’m still getting over, while at the same time just starting a new relationship. In his own way, before he passed, he let both her and I know that he approved of my choice and that she would be the one to “watch over me now”. </3

Come September, I took my now fiance to a surprise Piano Guys concert and proposed to her on the spot while the group was gathered around her. That proposal was one for the record books, got plenty of pictures and videos for posterity. The wedding is planned for June of 2017.

As I write this in the final month of 2016 and look back at this year… I’m amazed. Some of the happiest moments and heart-wrenching tears of sadness happened this year. But this was all part of God’s plan. And I know He has good things in store for me. He also has good things in store for you as well, if you trust Him with your life.

Now you know why I’ve been so busy. 😉