Networking Ideas

Here is a really simple idea brought forth from John Jantch of the Duct Tape Marketing Blog:

Networking at events attended by your target market can be a good way to make some nice introductions and start gently spreading the word about your products and services. There is a bit of art to this and plenty of bad examples evoking the worst used car stereotypes imaginable.

Keep these simple rules in mind and you will be fine

1) Think, what am I here to give

2) Speak only to educate – don’t sell anything

For you business people out there, this is a very good marketing idea. A tip brought forth to me from a listener to my podcast said, “Don’t try to sell your business at every event you attend. People won’t enjoy that very much. Instead, become friends with them, educate them. Don’t try to sell.” I agree. Don’t get caught up so much in trying to promote your business that you exhaust friends and family.

What do you think of this? Feel free to comment, post at the forums, or call the comment line.

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  1. Hye Taylor,

    Well yes, this thought certainly makes a lot of sense. These days people don’t quite enjoy listening directly about your product/service for that matter. It’s always good to talk about topics which address various issues and make people think & question.

    This approach goes beyond the traditional concept of direct marketing where you end up pitching your business’ services.


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