Podcasting for Profit Rock Star

Sorry I didn’t get this announcement out sooner.

Looking to purchase “Podcasting for Profit” by Leesa Barnes?

Ship Date is Sept. 30, but you can pre-order the book here: http://www.podcastingforprofitbook.com/

Why am I mentioning this book? Because I am in the book! I was interviewed by Leesa Barnes a while back to be included in the book, and I gave her many good ideas that she put into it. Just recently on her blog, she listed the “Podcasting for Profit Rock Stars” in order of appearance in her book. You can find me in “Chapter 9 – Building Your Expert Status” of Podcasting for Profit. I am PFP rock star #75.

You can find the entire list here: http://virtualeventsuccess.com/2007/09/the-podcasting-for-profit-rock-stars/


  1. In this book you will learn how to make a profit with your podcast (internet radio show). There are many options available to you and Leesa takes you through each one and helps you decide on the best route.

    Does this answer your question?

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