When did I first find value in Twitter?

I first found value in Twitter when I was at New Media Expo 2008. Take a listen to find out more!

#90: Can you not work and still get paid?, The Power of a Negative Image, and Website Flippers

In Episode #90 you will learn whether you can stop working and still get paid for Finances. For Business, you will learn the impact a negative image can have on your company. And for Technology, you will learn about a growing industry where people buy websites, fix them up, and then turn them around and sell them for a good passive income.…

Taylor Marek Podcast Update #1

Ok everyone,

I have made some big changes to the website, most importantly adding the newsletter option.

I also explain a little bit about some new things I’ve added to the site, as well as touch on the New Media Expo, so if you haven’t already, please take a listen.…