Reinvent The Wheel or Copy It?

Think about it this way. What was the most game-changing thing ever made, other than the internet? The wheel right? All part of the leverage thing right? Correct. What was before the wheel? No idea, but it probably required lots of pushing and manual labor.

All it took was one person looking at this problem from another angle and coming up with the solution that changed everything. Whoever invented the wheel is a complete genius, not because of what they did but because of their creativity in solving the problem. By thinking outside the box. By not going with the flow.

But now times have changed. Or have they? I’m pretty sure when “the wheel” came out, everyone laughed and commented on how stupid it was until the “first follower” took the risk and tried it for himself. It turned into a literal avalanche and the rest is history.

Are you blazing a new trail? Are you providing the solution to the problem at hand? You could be reinventing the wheel and not even know it. You could be copying the wheel and not even know it.

I can guarantee reinventing the wheel is harder than it looks. It sometimes takes a lifetime of sweat, blood, and tears to see anything of considerable merit. Copying the wheel is easy, however, but nobody ever tries it because they want to “blaze a “new” trail”.

Now listen closely, there are times you need to reinvent the wheel and there are other times you simply need to copy it. Sometimes you don’t need to blaze a new trail, you simply need to follow somebody down it. So where are you at right now?