Twitter is Dead

Yes, and I have to say it. Twitter is dead.

I could make the same comparisons about Facebook, but for the sake of this post, I’m sticking with Twitter.

It has been my experience that as soon as something, anything, hits mainstream and is “talked up” all the time in the media means it is on the verge of dying out. Completely opposite of mainstream thought eh? Remember this point. Remember Furby? (And yes, I did have one for those wondering)

Want some examples? Remember MySpace? Probably not (I’m joking around :P). I remember when Myspace was “talked up” all the time in mainstream news, whether it was good or bad. Sure, the media shined more of a negative light on myspace, which accounts for most of the traffic, but the instant myspace hit the airwaves and everybody heard about it is when it hit its high point. Its declining right now, and having to cut 25% of its staff.

I’m applying the same principle here. I remember back in the early stages of twitter how much fun it was… It was a tight-knit community of like-minded people openly sharing ideas and links across the internet. I miss that. Now I have to sift through untold thousands of twitter spam accounts and spam tweets and spam direct messages to communicate with my audience and friends.

As soon as twitter hit the traditional news outlets all chaos broke loose. Spammers saw this as an opportunity as well and jumped on it. New people, who had no idea what twitter was, jumped on the bus, but soon jumped right back off. Twitter is bloated, and something needs to be done.

What do you think needs to be done?