What If

What if I had…

  • …posted everyday?
  • …a new podcast episode every week?
  • Would I be more popular?
  • Would I be the same?

I deal with these questions all the time. What if I had, what if I hadn’t, would things be different? Honestly, I can say I have no idea. Listening to big name bloggers who say you need to post on a regular basis, I think this blog would be alot bigger then it already is.

But then again, I look at it from this angle. This is a website/blog/podcast on/about/regarding me. TaylorMarek.com is the domain name, not xyzbusiness.com. This is where I make my home online, this is where the hub of all the information is located. If you want to know what is happening in my life, this is where you will find it. Obviously the private things are kept to myself and only shared if you know me as a relative or close friend. If you also want to tap into the wealth of knowledge I have, this is where you can get it.

I love consuming and sharing information. Its just part of who I am. This website is a offshoot, and a big one at that. Now with Twitter and Facebook I can spread the information that much further and that much faster that I could have three years ago. I love the space I am in right now. Let me repeat; I LOVE this space! Where else can you say something and have it fly across the world in a heartbeat with untold millions of people?!?! Old media is crumbling, and new media is on the verge of taking over. Social Media as well has been a powerful influence, scooping news reporters time and again on breaking news before it even becomes “breaking” news! Are you starting to see the bigger picture? This is something that can absolutely flip the world upside down. And this is just the start…

Ok, enough with that little bunny trail. If I get on the topic of old media versus new media, it energizes me like no other and I’ll hop as far down the bunny trail as I can because its just so darn cool!…

Anyways to make a long story short, here is the gist of it. This is a personal blog, and as such comes and goes with the ebbs and flows of my life. Quite honestly I’m humbled you even want to continue following after I haven’t created a new post in a while. I’m grateful you are still here and reading this. This blog/podcast is an amazing part of my life, but even more so that I have someone interested on the other side. I’m completely blown away by that, and it excites me to continue pushing out quality content for you to consume and share with your own friends.

My blog is a reflection of me. If I have alot of things I want to share with you, you will get more information. If there are days I have nothing to say, or am on vacation “rebooting” myself, there won’t be much of anything on this blog. But such is with life. There are times when lots of things are going on, and times where nothing is. I’m sure the same is with your own life. And lets admit it, if someone pushed out something on their personal blog every single day of their life, we’d assume they are a robot. Either that or “need to get a life” (interact offline that is). Not only that, but us the audience would be completely bogged down with the amount of information we’d have to keep up with.

Back when I first created this blog, then started my podcast, I always was mad and frustrated when I couldn’t post on a regular schedule. It would drive me up the wall during the first two years of this website. Eventually I calmed down and looked at it from a level head, now I’m sharing it with you a year later. During the times I didn’t post were some of the busiest days of my life, as well as many serious issues came and went. I would have turned into an angry robot if I had kept the schedule, but since I didn’t, I feel a freedom about it. Its ok if I don’t get around to posting on a daily/weekly schedule, maybe I’ll have something of even better quality that I want to share with you later on. Its all about what is going on with my life. Obviously a Grandfathers death and working out a career path will affect you enough so that you don’t post for a while, but that is life. Life is what you make it out to be, and everything will work out perfectly fine in the end. Are you going to let it paralyze you, or energize you for greater trials ahead?