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#102: Trim Expenses, Daily Time Management, and Can you hear me?

Intense week here at college, yet cranked out another episode. Enjoy…

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I actually had to go without lunch today in order to record this episode, but I am excited about the information I’m sharing with you. Feel free to share what you learn in this episode!

Finances: Trim Expenses

Setup a plan on a regular basis to evaluate your expenses. Cut back on those you do not need, leaving the most important ones. You will find you will have more money for yourself in the long run, as well as the short run.

Business: Daily Time Management

Are you running your company or is it running you? Listen to the solution to find out how to manage your daily to-do list.

Technology: Can you hear me?

AT&T is going to be ramping up coverage in cities to eliminate slow or crashing networks.

Is Monopoly going to take over the world? Find out for yourself:

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