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If you’ve been wondering about my podcast, I’ve put it on hold. I haven’t had alot of time to focus on that as I am teaching English to about 600 kids a week here in Taiwan, but I have started posting regularly on my YouTube Channel . I’m having alot of fun with that. Not because of the views, but because I like sharing with people and watching or hearing them laugh. ;)

If you’re wondering how to get more views on YouTube, watch these two videos. They are made by two very good friends of mine who have been on YouTube for a long time. Enjoy.

How to Get Views on YouTube – Kevin “Nalts” Nalty

How to get MORE VIEWS on YouTube videos.. REALLY! – Cory “Mr. Safety” Williams

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  1. Jim Donovan 11/21/2010, 12:18 pm:

    Great stuff, Cory. I like that they're simple, practical ideas I can use instead of a bunch of theory about how things "should" work. Whether someone's promoting on youtube or anywhere else, it's really a matter of being authentic, consistent and having passion for what they're doing. Clearly you fit that.

    • Taylor Marek 11/21/2010, 6:57 pm:

      I've been following Cory for quite a while now and can always count on him to produce high quality content. Glad you learned something Jim, I sure did (hence why I shared these videos with you guys)! :)

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