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#107 Stop Spending Money, Promotion Techniques from the 2010 FIFA World Cup, and The IPad

In the Basement Edition!

No more dorm rooms for me, I’m heading to Taiwan in August!

Enjoy this episode, feel free to leave comments!

Links Mentioned:

Finances: Stop Spending Money!

Here are a couple tips:
1. Stop Buying Junk.
2. Tithe the first 10% of your “job”.

Business: Promotion Techniques from the 2010 FIFA World Cup

Pepsi to drop Super Bowl Ads for Social Media?

Some Takeaway Ideas:
1. Facebook App Game – Top Facebook Game
2. Branding social networking games
3. Branding Youtube and other select websites

Technology: The IPad

The Apple iPad. Greatest thing since iSlicedBread?

Can you Run your Business with only an IPad?

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