Employee or Entrepreneur?

Understand this. You are NOT destined to be both. You will either be an employee or an entrepreneur for the rest of your life. You cannot live in both worlds.

Do also understand this. Both Entrepreneurs and Employees are needed. Neither can function without the other or the whole system will collapse. It is a symbiotic relationship.

In a world where only employee’s exist, everybody would be working for everybody and nothing new would be invented. No risks would be taken. It would be a mediocre society. If only entrepreneurs existed, ideas would be flying out of the sewers but nothing would be getting done. Creativity would abound, but nobody would want to do the work. Risks would be taken yes, but there wouldn’t be anybody to keep the daily business functions moving forward. It would be a creatively mediocre society.(Entrepreneurs are an odd bunch aren’t they?…)

So which one are you? Which one lights your flame like no other? Where does your passion lie?

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  1. Glad to visit this informative blog Writing! In this modern world both the employees and Entrepreneur are important in the3 industrial sector. Only a good businessman can lead a team and manage the business without making any lose.

  2. Great post Taylor!

    I love your interesting take on the subject. It's just sad that many people may never explore their entrepreneurial side because of the security of a paycheck.

    Sometimes, it's better to be unemployed or to get fired from a job. Entrepreneurial genius usually finds us when our back's against the wall and the survival instinct kicks in.

    It's a pity many of the world's smartest minds will never be entrepreneurs. With promotions and fatter paychecks, I do not blame them for lacking the guts to take the plunge.

    Well, like you rightly said, the world needs its fair share of employees.


  3. Hey Taylor,

    Good ideas here. If only we could reach this message out to the mass public more. Im actually a little of both as I run a small business, yet work froma clients office. So technically I would consider myself a employee, yet I dont have a boss because my real boss has no idea how to do my work. I think the key to success is to have a skill that not a lot of people have.

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