Re: Since When Are Blogs Not Social Media?

About a year back Copyblogger wrote a post on Since When Are Blogs Not Social Media?

Here is my response to that post. I figured this idea needed to be refreshed because I think people are forgetting something about social media and blogging. They are NOT separate entities. If anything, blogs are used to push out the “new media content” to the masses to spread virally via “social media”!

You may be surprised to know this, but blogging has been around for quite some time. This isn’t something “new”. It is simply an easier way to communicate with a worldwide audience and share your thoughts. In the age of castles, knights, and “damsels in distress” the only way a story could travel was via a “storyteller” who would travel to each town and tell his/a story for the umpteenth time. Talk about being winded! The internet makes it so much easier now… 😉

Blogs? Co-equal with Social Media and dare I say where “Social Media” got its body! Can’t have legs running everywhere without a body right? ;P

My Points?

  • Social Media is simply the next step. It is an evolution of the old method made much easier by technology.
  • Yeah, I think you should quit worrying about it Brian. We get it. 😉
  • Tofu? What kind do you mean? The regular kind or the stinky kind? We have both in Taiwan, which is where I am currently. The regular kind tastes good to me. 😉

Your Points? Comment below!